Neurocore – the Front runner in Brain Solutions Innovation

Neurocore is a name known to many when it comes to the health of a brain. It has rapidly turned into a national expert in connecting neuroscience with nine cerebrum execution centers throughout the United States. They specialize in programs which are authenticated by science and are free of narcotics use to optimize the brain. At Neurocore, the intriguing bio feedback method is castoff to provide advanced brain solutions. It was established in 2004 and has branches in Florida and Michigan. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

For a long time, side effects of not exactly ideal cerebrum execution were simply analyzed, and sufferers were just given the choice to sedate or not cure, and perhaps to share in customary psychotherapy. Prescription symptoms and talk treatment failed to impress anyone for kids given a finding of ADD, or ADHD. The same remained constant for those determined to have AD as adults and elderly with memory issues. For those with stress and despair, a similar restricted medicine continued with a long way from ideal outcomes. Diagnosing these psychological difficulties turned out to be more predominant; be that as it may, contemplating over an approach to get at the well-being of brain concerns and give coordinate aid utilizing the intensity of the cerebrum itself stayed tricky. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

The centers headed by Neurocore spend significant time in giving information driven, cerebrum based evaluations and preparing programs that assist kids and adults enhance fixation, rest and to oversee anxiety. The Neurocore centers are taking new advances in connected neuro feedback because of updated EEG testing and different strategies have enabled professionals to take a gander at what precisely is going ahead in the brain and how to apply particular, consequences-driven advancements to enable the individuals who experience difficulty concentrating and additionally conduct issues.

Rather than operating EEG innovation to just analyze ailments such as Epilepsy, Neurocore utilizes EEG for mind mapping to analyze and indulges other brain diseases with significant positive outcomes. The estimation offered by the Applied Brain innovation of Neurocore has been proclaimed as a 21st-century leap forward to accomplish the objective of improving mind execution without the utilization of medications.


Jason Hope: Fighting For A Worthy Cause

Every year the SENS research hosts the biotechnology conference. The conference is attended by experts who share their knowledge and give ideas on treating illness such as cancer, molecular damage, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. SENS Company gets its support from passionate investors, researchers, and scientists. One of the contributors towards the non-profit organization is Jason Hope. He donates in anti-aging research to ensure effective treatments are found.

There are several ways that Jason Hope is fighting for anti-aging research. In 2010, Hope donated $500,000 to SENS research. Thanks to his contribution and that of others, the organization was able to build the Cambridge SENS laboratory. The organization used some of the donations for a research program. Given that Jason Hope always fights for anti-aging research, he was happy to make his donation to the research organization. The organization uses its contributions to find cures for diseases that cause people to age quickly. Some of the illnesses that Hope believe make people age faster are lung disease and Alzheimer’s. According to Hope, these diseases increase premature aging. It is for this reason that he devotes his research to anti-aging.

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SENS has a program known as the age breaker. As people age, the body loses its elasticity. A drug will only meet the age breaker standards when it can break down the glycation end products. Some of the age-related illnesses include osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and Parkinson’s; people are likely to get these illnesses as the body gets older. Jason Hope believes that there is not enough treatment for the age-related diseases. Therefore, he thinks that it is worth investing in research for these anti-aging treatments.

Currently, Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is involved in several projects and businesses. He spends his time researching on his passion that is anti-aging. Hope is a philanthropist who donates towards anti-aging research and programs. Besides, anti-aging research, he is also interested in research in innovative thinking. Hope is a futurist whose interest is in smart technology and automation. During his free time, he writes on his blog about his current research, ideas, and interests.

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Flavio Maluf’sEucatex Makes A Deal For Materials

Flavio Maluf is the President of 2 companies, Eucatex and GrandFood. He also owns the pet food brands Premier and Golden. He recently announced that Eucatex would soon be forming a business partnership with the company Duratex. In exchange for sheets of wood, Eucatex will be providing Duratex with a farm to produce raw materials for the company. The plant in Botucata that will be producing the sheets of wood employes 280 people and has a high rate of production.

To inform the leaders in Botucatu and the workers, he issued a statement about the business between the 2 companies. The production capacity of the factory will increase considerably under this new deal. Flavio Maluf believes that this partnership will allow the companies to increase their presence in more markets around Brazil. Once CADE gives them the necessary regulatory approvals, they will begin. Find out more about how Flavio reports on and supports the Brazilian economy at

Born in 1961, Flavio Maluf began leading Eucatex in 1997. He was able to expand the number of countries that Eucatex did business with to almost 35 countries. When Brazil recently hosted the Olympics, Eucatex provided many of the materials that were used in the building process.

Flavio Maluf contributes to society through multiple charitable efforts. One of the areas that he works extensively with is health organizations who are not receiving enough funding. He has donated equipment to hospitals such as an X-ray machine. He also enjoys giving advice to entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners who need a little help figuring out the best decisions for their financial future.

He has a lot of useful advice for people trying to get into business and he is willing to give it. Time and capital are very important in life and there are some things that experience will teach you. Flavio Maluf wants others to reach their full potential in life.



U.S. Money Reserve Gifts Harry Potter Fans Fantastic Beasts Coins

If you are looking to purchase gold, silver or platinum coins in the United States, it is best to buy from US Reserve. It is a company that was founded over a decade ago and is US Government registered and licensed.

The company offers only the government issued gold, platinum, and silver coins to the consumers to help them with their collection or investments. For ages, people have been investing in precious metals as it helps give their investment portfolio some stability.

The good thing about buying from U.S. Money Reserve is that it is headed by Philip N. Diehl who has decades of experience in the precious metals industry and was also the director of the US Government Mint previously.

The US Reserve offers its customers lots of facilities, which includes buying online and in-hand secure delivery to your doorstep.

The prices of the precious metals bullion at US Money Reserve are as per the market standards, and you can be sure that the precious metal coins you are getting are checked for quality and pure.

The company has in a very short period become one of the largest distributors of the government issued coins. Make sure to invest part of your money in precious metals as it would help anchor your investments during the market crisis. Read more: US Money Reserve Gives to Harvey Relief | Spectrun Local News and US Money Reserve President to Hold Emergency Gold Conference | PR Newswire

There are many people who have lost tons of money in various kinds of investments, but you would never find anyone who has lost money by investing in gold and holding it for long. Even though the returns offered are not huge, it is consistent and historically has proven to be positively incremental.

The company has some of the top experts from the precious metals industry, who would help you choose the right product as per your needs. The company also mints special limited coins for the collectors.

U.S. Reserve is always looking for new avenues to provide something unique to their customers. Recently, they minted the Fantastic Beasts special coins for the Harry Potter Fans. JK Rowling is the screenwriter for the books that will be based on the magical creatures of the Harry Potter movie.

Since the fans are waiting for the release of the movie, U.S. Reserve wanted to gift their fans something to mark the special occasion. Fans have been waiting for the next movie from the Harry Potter movie ever since the series concluded.

JD.Com Claims Its Stake in China’s Parcel Delivery Arena by Opening up Its Logistics Network

In a decision that will see JD claim its stake in one of China’s most competitive markets, recently announced that it would open its logistics network to consumers. That symbolizes that customers will now be able to use the same fast and reliable delivery channel used by the company to deliver their purchased goods, and send their parcels.The firm announced that the service would first be rolled out to its clients who are in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. Those living within these boundaries will now be able to send parcels both domestically and also throughout mainland China. Later, plans on expanding the capacity of its new delivery service, and thus enhances its convenience even more by allowing sending and receiving high-value items such as the latest products in consumer electronics and quality luxury products.

JD also plans on adding more delivery time options; hence making it even more convenient.Thanks to its nationwide logistics network, Jingdong believes that it can reach 99% of the population by ensuring that 90% of the orders reach the recipients either the same day or the next day. According to the firm’s Chief executive, Zhenui Wang, venturing into the parcel delivery arena marks’s next step in increasing its footprint in the nationwide logistic network it has been building for the past one decade.Due to this new service, customers now have the option of either sending parcels domestically or requesting pickups using WeChat, JD’s mini delivery program operated by one of its affiliates known as Tencent. Besides, JD is already conducting trials on this new service by offering multiple picks up points to customers to test its efficiency before it is launched.

Even though the parcel delivery arena is highly competitive, Jingdong believes that its new venture will bring it massive returns. The firm is also confident that through this service it will be able to expand its market even further. This is after 74% of the random people it conducted surveys on, expressed their need for quality, fast and reliable delivery services. Venturing into this sector will not only help it expand its client base but will also make it one of the biggest rivals for e-commerce companies such Alibaba group holdings and express carriers such as United Parcel service and ZTO Express Inc. among many is based in Beijing hence the reason why most of its services are first rolled out in the City. The organization was initiated in 2004, and has seen tremendous growth making it one of China’s largest e-commerce platforms regarding revenue.

How Paul Mampilly Continues to Strike Gold

Paul Mampilly has been noted as having done it again, or at least the phrase is “has struck gold again”. What is he up to now that you should read about? Recently, an article was talking about Paul Mampilly and his hand in finance. How in the world does he doing it?If someone asked you if you were interested in earning more money what would you say? You most likely wouldn’t say no, unless you were absolutely sure it was a scam. Every good and an experienced investor knows that taking one risk isn’t going to help you make money.

In fact, it’s the consistent results over time that make an investor a good investor. Although there were periods of ups and downs, the fact remains that consistent action equals consistent results.Paul Mampilly won’t hesitate to offer sound advice on investing. In fact, he can tell you how to make the right investment choices during the most critical times. It was during the year 2009 that when the market crashed, the wise investors were eyeballing the next opportunity. Sticking to Paul Mampilly beliefs about how this works, he took on a challenge with the Templeton Foundation. It didn’t take long for him to turn $50 million into $88 million. The end result was a gain of more than 76%.

That’s nothing to sneeze at, and he sticks to it. Paul Mampilly is a great resource because he practices what he preaches. His greatest strength is that he can see the bigger picture. It isn’t hard to guess at how experienced he is and what advice he is going to give you. It isn’t difficult to see that what he is telling you is true and sound wisdom.Paul Mampilly is currently a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, a company that is focused on publishing in finance. His greatest desire is to help Americans tap into the wealth that is available to them with a simple investments, savings, and unique ways of planning for a better retirement.

Betsy Devos: the US Education Secretary

Most people don’t realize this but Betsy Devos, the 11th Education Secretary, has made some significant progress in her campaign for educational choice. While there are still many states that are not partaking in the new programs, she has seen considerable success in states like Florida and Louisiana. These states have adopted the most educational choice programs, particularly in Florida. Devos spoke about the educational choice programs as well as school safety in a “60 Minutes” interview with Leslie Stahl.


Devos has had a rough time since her appointment in 2016. There were not many in the education world who understood her ideas, and she was challenged frequently when she spoke out at high schools and private schools around the country. While she has been very adamant that people who are against educational choice just don’t understand, it’s also been clear that many in the state legislature do not want educational choice.


Why is this the case?


Devos spoke about it in the interview, stating that many people don’t understand how it works and they don’t realize the amount of philanthropy that has supported the movement. In fact, educational choice is supported by donations from Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sam Walton, and Devos’ Family Foundation. For instance, Florida has its own tuition program that helps students pay for courses at private schools if they are accepted into the program.


Devos doesn’t have much to say about standardized testing and Common Core Math, which has been increasingly problematic for schools to add to the curriculum due to the lack of knowledge around it by parents. Common Core Math has put a strain on America’s education system, but it’s up to education choice to bring students to the schools that they want to go.


With educational choice, students can go into a magnet program at another school, try homeschooling, attend virtual schools, and go to charter schools or private schools. It’s areas like Florida that have the most options with a tuition-based scholarship program that has been funded by philanthropy.


Devos wants to make it clear that funding for educational choice is not paid by taxes but by philanthropy.


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OSI Group Expands Strategically In Toledo, Spain

The OSI Group is one of the world’s largest and efficiently managed food handling companies. Since incorporation in the 1900s, OSI Group has tremendously expanded and improved its operations in order to meet new milestones. The most recent of such renovations and strategic expansions was the company’s entry in the European market. Seen as a strategic mechanism of expanding its presence around the world and harnessing new markets, the expansion has given OSI Group a much-needed European presence including the flagship establishment of branches in Germany and Spain.

Increased demand in the company’s products, primarily chicken, recently gave way to a strategic expansion of its chicken processing facility in Toledo, Spain. The €17 million-worth of expansion and improvement saw a number of overhauls in the production facility. One of the main improvements that the expansion featured included the expansion of the production capacity and the overall output from an annual 12,000 tons to 45,000 tons of chicken, pork, and beef products. The improved production will see more products availed to the market, therefore meeting the annual demand that has been increasing over the years.

Secondly, the expansion would consequently lead to the creation of new jobs as more experienced and well-equipped personnel will be required to man stations within the production facility. According to the company’s strategic evaluation, the newly expanded plant in Toledo, Spain would create 20 new jobs for the locals at the managerial level as well as the casual level. The increased demand in the workforce would therefore consequently benefit the local population as the local economy would be largely revamped.

Part of the company’s expansion also includes the development of new designs and the expansion of existing food production and handling ports within the facility. In this regard, for instance, the company’s refrigeration storage facility would be doubled in capacity while the waste management facility would undergo a proportional expansion. New food handling and production lines will be introduced while packaging and storage areas would be revamped to utilize more space to ensure that the existing demand in the market is proportionally handled and sufficed.

In addition to this, the company’s expansion program would also see an introduction of new cutting-edge energy-efficient machinery that are consistent with the global demand for reduction in greenhouse gas emission. The construction of an energy-efficient facility would, therefore, enable OSI Group to join the league of other multinational companies that have active programs targeting reduction of the volume of carbon produced into the environment.


Ara Chackerian: Nature Conservation as a Passion

Ara Chackerian is the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, and the co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions. He is based in San Francisco, California, where he majors in investment, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. During his career life, he was primarily involved in the development of the healthcare services by employing technology. Previously, he built other healthcare companies including PipelineRX, BMC Diagnostics, and Embion/Provider Links. His keen interest in the environment led to the launching of the Limonapa Teak, an ecological teak farm based in Nicaragua.


The farm has brought about various advantages including job creation for the locals and the enhancement of the ecosystem. Chackerian recently addressed the forestation issue in Japan, noting the considerable reduction in the domestic use of charcoal and firewood in the 1950’s, due to the increased use of fossil fuels as a source of energy. However, there was a rising demand for construction materials such as timber. To meet the requirements, the Forestry Agency launched a campaign for expanding the forests. The mission was aimed at clearing the Buna forest and plant fast-growing trees such as confers, intending to avail construction materials and positively influence the economy.


Chackerian discloses that the government initiative to plant fast-growing trees saw the Japanese artificial forests rise from 27 per cent to 44 percent by 1985. It is essential to acknowledge the significance of forests to both humans and other animals. Destruction of natural habitats renders animals hungry and homeless; hence they roam in search of other places to live and protection from their predators. Presently, the planted forests in Japan have spread from the Hokkaido to the Kagoshima Prefecture. Several municipalities chose confers as their symbol tree and planted them thus embracing their beauty and promoting their growth. For more details you can visit


The tree has some attractive features such as fast growth, logs used in the growth of mushrooms, the source of firewood and energy, production of toys, musical instruments and plywood, and their extensive use in furniture and flooring ventures. The Nature Conservation of Japan launched organizations in a bid to rescue the forests. The organizations played crucial roles in inhibiting further logging and ensuring the full growth of trees to regain their nature. To see more you can visit




Stephen Hicks – The Man Behind Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is a private equity firm based in Connecticut which provides securities brokerage and investment banking services. The firm’s CEO is Stephen Hick, who helped found it in 1996 and is continuing to manage its business development. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, earned from King’s College in New York, and an additional MBA degree, earned from Fordham University.



According to PR Newswire, Hicks has more than 3 decades of experience in the world of finance and has an impressive portfolio of responsibility when it comes to his role at Southridge Capital. He focuses on cash procedures from the company’s portfolios in order to ensure that they are maximizing their investments. He is leading a skilled team with a wide range of knowledge and experience in order to maintain the success of the company. Hicks notes that there is a wide set of skills which are necessary in order to be successful as an entrepreneur as the field is very competitive – and a daily list of tasks is a valuable to Mr. Hicks.



When talking about his day-to-day operations, Southridge Capital CEO Stephen Hicks states that he does not have a typical routine. The day starts with a review of the company’s portfolio, and with the creation of a list of tasks that need to be accomplished during the day by him and the staff. He spends his day masking sure that the firm’s investments are performing as expected, and looking for opportunities for new investment for the future. He relies on a few data and information resources when it comes to the market, his go-to places being Wall Street Journal online, Quoutestream, and OTC markets.



Coming up with the idea for Southridge Capital was a matter of circumstance and luck, according to Hicks. While he was working in New York at a hedge fund, the principal partner decided to return to his home country and gave a year to wind down the operations in order to close the company. Hicks decided it was a good opportunity for him to start a business on his own and launch a hedge fund.


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