Fagali’l Airport

It is a public airstrip that was previously operated and owned by the Samoan government in partnership with Polynesian Airlines. It was then closed in 2005 due to noise pollution caused to the surrounding neighbors and issues relating to environmental safety.

Fagali’l was then reopened by the Polynesian Airlines and the government in 2009 and offers the cheapest and most affordable travel rates. It offers services that include flights that are international to Pago Pago destination in American Samoa on facebook.com.

The airport has many hotels within close proximity that provide accommodation to travellers. The airport works closely with these hotels to make sure that travelers find a place where they can be accommodated depending on the type of budget they are on. The hotels vary for people with simple budgets to those with large spending budgets.

Other than accommodation facilities, the airport is also surrounded by other attractions such as the national museum. From here, one can be able to learn the history of the place through the historical events and stories found in this museum.

Apart from Polynesian Airlines, there are other airlines that have operated in Fagali’l Airport that includes Talofa Airways, Samoa Air and South Pacific Island Airways. The airport’s runway surface is Asphalt, 2, 198 ft. long and its direction is 10/28.

Fagali’l Airport offers flexible flight schedules with amazing destination packages according to google.com. It has both direct flights and indirect flights to its destinations. It is actively operational from Mondays through Sundays.

The airport is simple in design with no waiting terminus and no more procedure involved as with other airports. The airport has small planes that do not have to have many passengers on board but also those that only have a passenger capacity of 10.

Transport from Fagali’l Airport is made on a local bus that waits for several passengers to get on board and move you around the area to your desired destination with a fee of not more than a dollar.

A cab can also be used as a means of transport to take you to your destination from the airport with a fee of not more than 5 dollars on youtube.com. These are alternative transports if you are getting accommodation in a hotel that does not offer shuttle transfers.

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How Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen Are Changing Food Forever

There has been a concerted effort by the team at Sweetgreen to fundamentally shift the way customers view the fast-food experience. Sweetgreen is a high-end salad focused restaurant that currently can be found throughout the Northeast of the United States. Sweetgreen was created by three Georgetown University students in an effort to provide better food that was both healthy and affordable.

Leading the charge is Nathaniel Ru, the young co-CEO that has been laser-focused on bringing innovation to a tired and stagnant industry. So, how is Ru bringing about this level of change despite being a relatively small company? Let’s dig in and find out.

If those stalwart chain restaurants that we are all so familiar with could start over, they likely would turn to Sweetgreen for start-up advice. Sweetgreen first opened their doors in a small bar on M Street in downtown Washington D.C. Nathaniel Ru and his team chose that spot for a specific reason: it put healthy food on the radar of students who were coming and going and needed a way to refuel without the shame and discomfort that came with greasy fast food. Nathaniel Ru says, “We want to feed more people better food. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Crunchbase and Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

Their mission statement is simple and concise and it showcases exactly what Sweetgreen is all about. They are all about bringing healthy food to the masses with a customer service driven experience that is unrivaled by other companies and restaurants on the market. Sweetgreen started up their company by emulating the work done by companies like Apple and Under Armour.

From the beginning, Sweetgreen wanted to be bringing something special to their customers. They didn’t want to just be another chain restaurant that threw cheap fast food to their customers. Ru says, “We’re creating a brand that stands for something.”

It’s easy to stand behind your food when you put so much effort into the final product. Sweetgreen exclusively serves salads that are comprised of ingredients from local sources. Sweetgreen looks to all natural, organic, and clean ingredients in order to fill up their menu. The menu itself also changes with the seasons so that Sweetgreen is never serving up food that isn’t natural to the season.

This allows the company to maintain the high-quality that customers are already used to. Swetgreen recently opened up a head office in Los Angeles, CA and it looks like the company is ready for a massive expansion.

Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: