Ara Chackerian and Mental Health Month

Ara Chackerian stays in San Francisco. He is a famous person when it comes to philanthropy and business world. He is known for his commitment toward startup healthcare companies by funding them. Over the years, Ara Chackerian has always looked for more ways of bridging the gap between healthcare and technology. He has decades of experience working with technology and healthcare fields and trying to link them as close as possible. He is the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions which is a treatment option for those people who have been experiencing resistant depression. He is also a board member in the organization.

Currently, Ara works in several boards of directors as a member of several companies in the Bay Area. Moreover, Ara takes his time to deal with issues to do with the environment. He is actively dedicated to sustainability practices. For instance, he takes part in the Limonapa Teak Farm found in Nicaragua. The farm is known for its environmental friendly approaches when it comes to its operations. The farm ensures that its activities have little effect on the environment as well as the local people. In addition to this, the farm also improved the economy of the local people by offering them jobs that are well paying.

According to Ara Chackerian, it is essential to have the right group of people to work with. Thus, his advice to young entrepreneurs is that they should be careful when it comes to choosing groups. A positive and like-minded group will help one to achieve his goal. Moreover, he claims that for one to be able to come up with ideas in life they have to be very close and engage life more and they will get access to many ideas.for more details you can checkout


Ara Chackerian claims that there significant things that people should do when the month of mental health arrives. So many people in the United States are suffering from mental health issues, and it is upon other people and family members to come up with ways of helping them. Ara states that when one comes across somebody who is having mental health issues, they should find ways of helping the person professionally. To see more you can visit





Talkspace Offers Online Text, Voice, and Video Counseling

There was a time when Micheal Phelps was everywhere. He had it all, fame, a beckoning career as a product spokesperson, and a personal brand the was among the best. Then just a few short months after his stunning 2004 Olympic success, which was itself only the prelude to his 2008 conquest of Olympic swimming, the wheels began to fall off. Police arrested him for drunk driving just scant months after his 2004 Olympic triumphs. Phelps was only 19. In 2008 Michael would soar to even greater heights in the 2012 Olympic Games where he won a record-breaking eight Olympic Gold Medals. In 2009 someone posted a photo of Michael using a bong. Then in 2014, Phelps got a second DUI. Unknown to most, Phelps had long struggled with ADHD and depression — and it was this that would eventually drive him to therapy, and later made him the perfect for his current partnership with Talkspace, an online provider of mental health counseling.

Phelps eventually turned to therapy after he found himself wondering if the world might just be better off without him. The treatment worked, although Phelps admits in a article from May 2018, that he expects depression to be something he’ll need to deal with occasionally for the remainder of his life. Phelps recently partnered with Talkspace, an online and mobile therapy provider based in New York. Of course, our digitally connected world means’s physical location hasn’t the slightest effect on their ability to provide mental health therapy to anyone, anywhere.

Talkspace offers a new approach to mental health therapy. Oren and Roni Frank founded Talkspace in 2012. Talkspace initially functioned as a group therapy provider. In 2014, Talkspace began offering unlimited texting with a therapist on their website and via an app they created for that purpose. In 2016 Talkspace added counseling with licensed therapists via live voice calls and real-time video sessions. provides HIPAA-compliant video services to Reaction to Talkspace has been generally positive. The ability to talk to one of Talkspace’s more than 2000 licensed therapists, without a long wait, seems to be a major contributor to its effectiveness.