Shervin Pishevar Tweets Concerns About Big Tech

“Big tech” represents an industry where people dream big. Shervin Pishevar knows the success potential possible in the tech world. As an early investor in Uber, Shervin Pishevar doesn’t discount the growing demand for advanced technology in the market. Pishevar also realizes that the five top technology corporations seem to be amassing too much power. In an early 2018 tweet storm, Pishevar warned about the concentration of power in so few companies.

Not every company grows at the same level. Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook stand tall because they achieved incredible amounts of success. The valuation of these companies is in the hundreds of billions. Apple, for a short time, was worth $1 trillion. Shervin Pishevar realizes such massive success leads to greater control and influence in the industry. He does worry that the top five companies may gain too much power. Shervin Pishevar feels the government should consider employing antitrust laws to address the situation.

The notion of antitrust suits against the big technology companies gained momentum in some circles. While many do hold these companies in high regard, a growing segment of the population appears concerned about their industry stranglehold. Shervin Pishevar may possess a powerful understanding of drifting public sentiment.

Has the public turned on the big tech companies? No, it doesn’t seem as if widespread anger exists. The public maintains some discontent about some tech industry scandals. Facebook’s infamous data collection scandal didn’t help the company’s image at all. Google’s appearances in front of Congress raises suspicions with a segment of the populace.

The air of pure wonder associated with the technology industry might be gone forever. As the public continues to examine the industry’s business practices, sentiment may shift in favor of antitrust actions. Pishevar points out the telecommunications industry underwent an antitrust breakup many years ago. Could the same be soon in store for the tech world?

Gareth Henry Offers Scholarly Aide to Heriot-Watt University’s Students

Gareth Henry is successful or better still has his life packed together, how so, he has not forgotten all who took part in making him who he is today. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investing. He recently made public that he has decided to offer aid through a scholarship program at Heriot-Watt University his alma mater. He will support a selected number of undergraduate students at the institution. Wholesomely, he will also take part in mentorship and coaching movements.

This Actuary, Gareth Henry has decided to offer pro bono career advice and motivation to the student once every semester, which means, he will be calling at the institution three times a year. In paraphrasing, he said that he would offer a bit of financial help and career advice to see Heriot-Watt graduate more in Actuarial Sciences. He graduated with honor in 2001 and proceeded to build an excellent career that many would desire to have. This philanthropic move will be dispensed through Gareth Henry Access Bursary which provided educational opportunities to students who ordinarily face many financial challenges concerning funding their education.

About Gareth Henry

Henry is one of the established investment relations officer based in New York City. He has an admirable academic achievement, having graduated with first class honor in Actuarial Sciences – Mathematics from Heriot-Watt. This has propelled him to the heights he is at presently. He grasped a better understanding of the world and economy which is a standard that he uses to offer his insight on investment.

He gives credit to his alma mater that cautioned him on careers choices and helped him discover what he is good. With self-realization, Gareth know crystal clear, investment advisory is something he desired to do professionally. He zealously wanted not to offer advise as seamlessly as it appears but to back that with evidence, facts, and knowhow. Today, he has accomplished that and far much more.

Gareth Henry is the Angelo, Gordon & Co.’s Head of Investor Relations. Previously, he has worked with Fortress Investment Group dealing with their clients’ services from the sales and marketing department. He has also worked at SEI Investments Co., Schroder Investment Management Limited and Watson Wyatt LLP.

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Edwin Miranda Brings Quality to Cytovance Biologics

In order to be able to oversee all of the quality aspects of a biopharmaceutical company one must possess years of experience, years in leadership, and a keen sense of inspecting. Edwin Miranda proved to be that guy for the Cytovance company. In fact, Edwin Miranda has officially been coined as Vice President of Quality with Cytovance Biologics, Inc. The biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing company is responsible for making therapeutic proteins and antibodies from mammalian cell culture as well as microbial fermentation. Edwin Miranda’s title means that he soley takes complete control of the Cytovance quality department. He has worked very hard to put in just over 33 years of experience in the field of biopharmaceuticals.

Edwin Miranda is the obvious strong quality assurance asset that Cytovance needs given his impressive background. Cytovance believes that Edwin Miranda is the perfect well-seasoned and knowledgeable man for the job due to his past work overseeing quality assurance in a successful FDA approval of the NDA or New Drug Application for Keppra. Additionally, he used to be the director of Quality Assurance URL Mutual Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging, and Piramal Critical Care, Inc.

Here, he was able to oversee all of the regulatory functions to make sure that each and every thing was deemed to be compliant according to specific standards. He also spent his time developing a game changing remediation plan. The plan was able to successfully correct 483 observations. This meant that things would end up being in good standings with an EIR or Establishment Inspection Report. In Edwin’s earlier years, his lifestyle consisted of his bravery and participation in the Army. Mr. Miranda also earned his Bachelor of Science degree in both Biology and Chemistry from the prestigious Angelo State University which is located in San Angelo, Texas.

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The Contribution of Edwin Miranda in Quality Assurance

Edwin Miranda is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Cytovance Biopharmaceuticals. He will be taking the position of the vice president of quality Cytovance Biopharmaceuticals. He studied at Angelo University in San Angelo and graduated with a B.S in Biology and Chemistry. He was also serving his country in the Army before he retired.

Edwin Miranda had a successful career where he worked with several firms before joining Cytovance Pharmaceuticals. Some of the firms he served include Keppra where he supervised the quality assurance team and successfully managed get an FDA approval. Edwin Miranda also initiated the starting of the New Drug Application for Keppra. He also served as the vice president of quality assurance at URL mutual pharmaceuticals where he was in charge of the quality systems and oversaw regulatory compliance functions. He is also credited with coming up with a successful remediation plan.

Edwin Miranda has more than three decades of vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, his presence at Cytovance Pharmaceuticals will be a valuable asset to the entire organization. Consequently, he will bring vast experience in maintaining strict adherence to the set quality standards.

Miranda Edwin is also a senior loan consultant at the New American Funding. This firm is a national bank that issues mortgages to its customers. It was launched in the year 2003, and it operates a customer service Centre of more than 40 employees. Its principal focus is the delivery of quality service to its customers. It offers a wide variety of purchase home loans such as Cash-out mortgage’s, Jumbo and many others.

Under the leadership of Edwin Miranda, the New American Funding has been able to maximize its operations by enabling faster processing of mortgage loans where all the processes are done in the same house. The firm has enormous respect and dignity to its customers, employees and its partners.

Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie apologizes to customers in addressed letter

Papa John’s is a prominent pizza chain and has been undergoing a lot of changes to fix their image as they hired Steve Ritchie as their new CEO. Steve Ritchie as the new leader penned an apology letter to all customers, which was also posted on the company’s website. He wrote that team members of the company are valuable members of society who are a part of the community and that not one individual makes Papa John’s, but all employees and managers. He outlined changes in the letter that they are going to make to get back on track which includes: the hiring of experts to oversee the company, getting feedback from other team members across many different franchises, and holding themselves accountable for whatever happens as a company. Steve Ritchie personally stated that he will be overseeing the whole process and getting the pizza chain back on track. He also thanked all customers in the letter for their support and business over the many years the pizza chain has been around for. The article by explains why this was a great decision for the brand going forward as they also posted the apology letter on their website. Steve Ritchie was cleverly able to address customers and franchises all around the country to apologize and list the changes that they were going to make and that they should be held accountable for their actions. Steve Ritchie offered an apology and listed changes that would be made for the better of the pizza chain and that they would be different from before. The best point that the INC article thinks that the CEO made was that not just one person is responsible for the success of the brand, but everyone and that every single one of them is of value to the community and Papa John’s.

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Fortress Investment Group unveils epic Times Square real estate project

Since its foundation in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has been at the forefront of innovation, leading the pack by investing in projects with high RIO. This is in line with their core value of generating the highest return with the lowest risk of investment for their shareholders. The success of Fortress Investment Group has been influenced by the stable leadership provided by its three principles; New York-based Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and San Francisco based Peter Briger. Visit

Fortress has always demonstrated a deft ability to select investments with the highest RIO and this has attracted high-net-worth individuals as their clientele. Today, the investment management firm has assets to the tune of $42.1 billion under its portfolio. Recently, Fortress unveiled plans to commence construction of high-end mega real estate project dubbed, TSX Broadway.

The $2.5 billion project has created much buzz not only because it is one of the most ambitious real estate deal for Fortress, but also because it is located in one of the most popular premier destination in the world; New York City’s Times Square. The TSX Broadway project features high-end retail space, advertising space, five-star hotels, and entertainment space. To see the project to fruition, Fortress Investment Group has partnered with popular real estate dealer in New York, L&L Holding Company and seasoned real estate dealers, Maefield Development.

Given that Times Square has the traffic of more than 50 million people annually; TSX Broadway is an investment that is likely to make Fortress and their partners richer. It is no wonder that global companies such as Disney, Amazon, Samsung, Walmart, Youtube, and Facebook, are reported to have expressed interest in the projected retail space.

Up to its acquisition by SoftBank, Fortress was publicly listed in the New York Stock Exchange but delisted itself after it was purchased by the Japanese firm, for $3.3 billion. Following Softbank’s deal, Fortress now operates independently under the vast umbrella of SoftBank. The fact that Softbank chose to let Fortress Investment Group run independently even after such a hefty acquisition, speaks depth of the competency of Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Briger.

Read more on Partners with Hasbro and Paramount Pictures to Celebrate BUMBLEBEE, one of the largest Chinese e-commerce platforms, joins hands with Paramount Pictures as well as Hasbro to celebrate the release of BUMBLEBEE, a new Transformers movie. Hasbro is a global play as well as entertainment company.

BUBLEBEE was on the run in 1987 when it found refuge in a small beach town in California. Charlie discovered BUMBLEBEE when she was turning 18 and still, struggling to find place in the world. When BUMBLEBEE was discovered by Charlie at a time when he was broken and battle-scarred. Charlie revived him and realized he was not the ordinary yellow VW bug.

Previously, had partnered with Hasbro as well as the TRANSFORMERS franchise back in 2017, releasing a MISSSION RED mini short which showed Optimus Prime as well as Red Knight fighting to safeguard he energon fuel source. The celebrations this year will be accompanied by a three consecutive mini shorts which will feature Panasonic as well as HLA, a Chinese menswear brand, in which Red Knight looks to protect energon. is grown to be China’s largest online retailer as well as China’s biggest overall retailer. The company is committed to authenticity, quality as well as extensive product offering setting online shopping standard in the country. It has extensive infrastructural network it has built over the years and as a result, customers are getting their products delivered in between 3 to 6 hours only depending on their location.

Hasbro and will breathe life into Red Knight through creating an action figure of this TRANSFORMERS bot. The exclusive action figure which is only available on JD was released last year December 29th. Jingdong has continued to scale new heights of success through expansion endeavors and partnerships. It recently launched a logistic network in China. It has expanded into Southern Asia and it looks to expand into the Middle East.

Jingdong also unveiled a “Super BUMBLEBEE Day” sales promotion at Jan 4 premiere of the film in China.’s customers were able to buy merchandise themed by the movie from Panasonic, Hasbro, HLA, and more during the promotion. Jingdong has themed several delivery boxes as well as delivery vans all-over China with BUMBLEBEE designs.


Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva Propels MB2

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental enterprise. Dr. Villanueva is a visionary dental practitioner who is dedicated to promoting dentistry industry in both sole-proprietorship and corporate sectors. Having worked in the two sectors of the industry, Dr. Steven Villanueva established firm with knowledge of the full spectrum of the industry. He knew all that was required to deliver essential support in his services without crippling his profession.

Dr. Chris Villanueva established MB2 Dental with a recognition that all dental doctors needed special assistance that did not depend on the strings attached. Since its foundation, MB2 Dental has supported many dental practitioners in over 70 affiliated enterprises that are spread in the six states that the company has ventured in. Additionally, the company has provided over 530 job opportunities to its employees who provide various services to its clients in all the over 70 locations. Moreover, the company’s management team is set to carry on with the trend of promoting excellence.

Villanueva realized that typical dental service providers are not different from the traditional dental practices which are uninspired and drab. Consequently, Dr. Chris Villanueva founded MB2 with the aim of giving the field a new shape that focused on quality service delivery and not profit margins. Villanueva created MB2 to be a dentist-owned and managed firm that focuses on support, having fun together, personal growth, and autonomy.

The company allows practices to make significant advancements that aim at benefiting the clients who use them. These technological advancements improve the operating standards that in return enable practitioners to be happier while promoting healthy organic business development.

When interviewed by Ideamensch, Dr. Villanueva revealed that the idea of creating the MB2 Dental firm. He said that he got the idea when he graduated from college after realizing that he had to either opt to start a private dentistry project or join a large group of practitioners. He decided to combine the two options, and that was the source of MB2 Dental Solutions. Dr. Chris Villanueva also said that his company focuses on putting both the dental practitioners and the clients first before anything else.

Dr. Villanueva also said that he spends his time with smart people both at work and the outside life. He praised the people around him saying that they help him in bringing his ideas to life. He also maintained that people need to collaborate to bring ideas to life successfully.

About Dr. Chris Villanueva: