AIS Healthcare: Innovative Care Meeting the Needs of Complex Medical Conditions

AIS Healthcare

For patients who suffer from complex illnesses and chronic pain, treatment is often exhausting and complicated. To meet this need, AIS Healthcare, a 503A specialty compounding pharmacy, is spearheading this challenge.

The Mississippi-based company was founded in 1998 by Chuck Bell, President of the organization. Medication, management, and support for patients with implanted infusion pumps are provided from the comfort of home.

There are 2 divisions: Targeted Drug Delivery (TDD) and Advanced Infusion Care (AIC).

Under TDD, patients have access to Home Connect, a physician-approved team deployed to the home, and Care Connect, phone-based support for patients and providers. Access to pharmacists and nurses is available around the clock and counseling and education services are also provided to patients.

In addition, there is Clinic Connect which provides support for the physicians’ practice.

Under AIC, a team of clinical specialists is available 24/7. There are pharmacists to assist with medicine selection and restrictions, infusion nurse specialists for infusion administration with training, and intake managers who are always ready to assist with benefits, referrals, and documentation.

In both divisions, medication is promptly delivered to the home and the insurance approval process is fully supported.

AIS HealthcareThe executive team consists of 11 industry experts. Every member is highly skilled and dedicated to maintaining the high quality and innovative atmosphere the organization is known for. The focus on quality and care is validated by accreditations with the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

AIS Healthcare has grown to include two Compounding Pharmacies and five infusion care locations. The Compounding pharmacies are in Ridgeland, MS, and Dallas, TX. The five infusion care centers are in Birmingham, AL, Panama City, FL, Clinton, MS, Valdosta, GA, and Dallas, TX.


Targeted Drug Delivery Care

Advanced Infusion Care