Andrew Frame: Using Mobile Phone Technology To Make People Safer

The app Citizen’s founder and CEO Andrew Frame is an expert software programmer and serial entrepreneur. The Citizen app combines location information and 911 intelligence

to keep people safe. At 15, Frame founded an internet service provider. Cisco Systems hired him at 17 as a support engineer in 1997. Frame became part of their Global Center of Expertise team which focused on routing architecture. Andrew Frame quickly earned dual CCIE Certifications. That’s Cisco’s top technical certification and he was the youngest person that ever earned it. In 2004, Andrew Frame founded the consumer telecommunications company Ooma.


A Las Vegas, Nevada native, Andrew Frame spends his time in Los Angeles as well as New York, where the headquarters of Citizen is located. He started Citizen to create a mission-oriented consumer company that helps people worldwide. Frame also wanted a free technology product that could help keep people safe. An early riser, he’s up at dawn, has some coffee, works out, then listens to the news on a podcast. At 7 am, Frame has a standup meeting with his staff. A thinker and builder, he spends the day thinking about or working on products and meeting with product managers to discuss achieving their goals.

Keys To His Success

Andrew Frame surrounds himself with a team of people who are brilliant and mission-focused. He hires skilled thoughtful people who are smarter than he is and prioritizes ruthlessly. He’s very strategic about what they build and does it fit into the vision for Citizen. Frame is excited about the things mobile phones can do to make people safer. His inspiration comes from studying philosophy, literature, poetry, and film and discovering and embracing new hobbies. Frame takes app users’ feedback very seriously and even invites them to team meetings. They help him improve his products. Refer to this article for additional information.


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