Changes Brought at CP+B by Lori Senecal

Women are always considered to be perfect for the household chores. In the past, men were given the best opportunities in the market. Most of them were allowed to attend school and choose the kind of education and careers they were going to choose so that they can be successful. The girl child, on the other hand, had very few opportunities to choose from. In most families, the young girls were only given the ordinary education so that they could know how to read and write. The modern times are different. Women are now securing places in the complicated markets that have always been reserved for the men in the society, and surprisingly, they are doing so well compared to the men.


Although there are some few companies that still consider men in the top leadership positions, most of the businesses in the competitive market do not care about the people they are giving the top leadership position as long as everything is running smoothly. The women who have been given any position in the corporate world, on the other hand have not disappointed their employers. These women are doing an excellent job, and they are wining many hearts because of their success.


Lori Senecal is among these successful career women. When the businesswoman ventured into the male dominated world several years ago, she was scared and uncertain about the kind of future that was ahead of her. Many years later, Lori Senecal is very proud of the things she has been able to accomplish. The businesswoman is currently one of the most successful company leaders in the United States. For more details visit Inspirery.


Lori Senecal rose to popularity when she was offered the position of global chief executive officer for an organization called CP+B. When joining this company, Lori Senecal was still a newbie in the corporate world, but she has managed to change the company around and make it one of the fastest growing in the modern times. To bring the changes the people have been looking for, Lori Senecal had to introduce employee programs that motivated the workers and made them important people in the society. Senecal will be leaving the company soon, but she has left a legacy that will be remembered by many generations. You can visit YouTube to see more videos.



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A Remarkable Success Story of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a renowned serial entrepreneur and business executive. Her creativity and passion for entrepreneurship have seen her work with various global brands. Lori Senecal graduated from McGill University with Bachelor’s degree in commerce, marketing, and finance. Currently, Lori Senecal is the Global CEO at Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CP+B).

Career Development

From the young age, Lori Senecal got inspired by her older siblings. For less than two decades, her achievement has left many inspired. After graduating, she founded marketing unit of TAG Ideation, McCann Erickson in 2003. Her expertise in multinational accounts, as well as data analytics, saw her work with renowned brands like Nestle, Applebee’s, staples, and Sprint among others. Due to her aggressiveness, she was appointed as accountant director at Coca-Cola Company and chief marketing officer at DDB Worldwide Communication Group.

Also, she has worked as the Accountant director at McCann Worldgroup and later as the vice president. Furthermore, she has served as the director and CEO of MDC Partner. In 2009, Lori Senecal was appointed the partner, the president, and CEO Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. In March 2015, she was named the Global CEO of CP+B and in April same year, the Advertising Council director, reveals

Lori Senecal creativity, commitment, and enthusiasm to her work have seen her sought after by many global employers. It has also earned her some recognition including Quantum Leap Award in 2013 and recognized in the world of advertising in 2014. In 2017, Fast Company awarded her among the Most Creative People in Business.


Lori Senecal role as the Global CEO is to oversee CP+B is management, coordination, and growth its international offices. Since joining CP+B, Lori has created a tremendous impact on the culture and business in the company. She has pushed the company into a robust and modern agency with collaborative and stable local market innovation.

Lori Senecal creativity quality, have seen her more engrossed in changing the current advertising trends. Lori is emphatic on the need for companies to embrace the social media advertising. She advises businesses to be more creative and use fresh, personalized approach if they are to wow the customer with their adverts. Read more about Lori on

Jose Henrique Borghi is Known for His Creative Ad Campaigns

Jose Henrique Borghi began his career in Standard Ogilvy. In addition, he has worked in major ad agencies that include Talent, FCB, DM9 / DDB as well as Leo Burnett. He left Leo Burnett as its VP of Creation in 2002. He was the President of the agency at that time. He partnered with Erh Ray to create the agency known as BorghiErh® Creative Intelligence. In 2006, the merger of BorghiErh and Lowe led to Jose Henrique Borghi becoming the President of the agency.

Jose Henrique Borghi has created outstanding media campaigns. These have been for Honda, Itaú, “ReverConceptos” by Fiat, “Carlinhos” for the Down Syndrome Association and so on. He has won 14 Lions at Cannes besides ten awards at The One Show, and 11 at the New York Festival.

After the merger in 2006, BorghiErh / Lowe, has been growing steadily. This is because of acquisition of new accounts. The agency has grown by getting new customers, as well as by gaining new brands within the already acquired customers. The agency was in the 15th place in 2008. It jumped to 3rd place in 2009 as per the ranking by Agencies & Advertisers. The revenues have nearly tripled. BorghiErh / Lowe has also won important national as well as international awards.

Jose Henrique Borghi and his agency have opened a branch office in Brasilia. The number of clients has gone up from 10 to 23. The agency has grown as an employer as the number of its employees moved from 105 to 230 and founded by Borghi.

Three professionals from the agency will be joining the management at BorghiErh / Lowe. Each one of them has a lot of experience as well as an exemplary list of achievements. These are Valdir Barbosa who will be the VP and General Manager, Fernando Nobre will be the VP of Creation along with Ricardo Hoffmann who will be the VP of the Brasília office.

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