Guilherme Paulus Takes His Niche Tourism Ideas And Makes Them A Reality

One of the most powerful Brazilians in a surprisingly down-to-earth humble man. He practices gratitude each day in the beginning of the morning. Guilherme Paulus is the owner and chairman of CVC Brazil and GJP Hotels and Resorts. During his youth he studied business administration in college. After going to the university, Guilherme worked as an intern at IBM. This position did not last forever because he was presented with a great opportunity that would start off his career with a bang.

The foundation of Guilherme Paulus’ success is not just focusing on making money, but the customers and his employees. Making sure that customers are truly happy is what makes a business thrive. Additionally, if employees are taken care of and feel like they are valued, then they will be a trusted and loyal worker. The other reason Guilherme Paulus is success is because he is truly passionate about working in the hospitality industry. That is one piece of advice he would share with others. If you are going to pursue a career in something, make sure you are passionate about it. You will have to passion to spend all the time, money, and effort in the world to make sure your company flourishes. For more information about Guilherme Paulus , view his Crunchbase profile.

Guilherme Paulus also attributes listening as a very important skill in life. He recommends listening to the advice of elders. They have lived a lifetime and have precious pearls of wisdom that are needed for a young entrepreneur.

In 1972 at the age of 24, Guilherme Paulus met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. The government official had a great niche idea for a travel agency in Brazil. Since Guilherme was young and did not have the money to invest, he instead would be the worker bee of the company. The duo had a successful company together called CVC Brazil until they parted ways after four years. Mr. Paulus carried on the company, growing it very quickly in a short period of time. When it comes to the best $100 Guilherme Paulus spent recently, it was not on a product. He finds investing any of his money into something is smart, and he will continue doing so into the future. Mr. Paulus had a unique vision for tourism in Brazil, and that is what helped him become so successful. You take a niche idea and they roll with it. Guilherme has plenty more time to come up with unique ideas when it comes to the hotel industry. We just have to wait to find out what’s coming.

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Vijay Eswaran Speaks on Disruptive Investments and Gender Equality in Business

The Concordia Annual Summit took place at the Grand Hyatt in New York on 24th and 25th September 2018. The event brought together the movers and shakers from various industry to come and “accelerate global discussions and make transform conversation into practical form.” The event was organized by Concordia, an independent non-profit organization whose objective is to stimulate partnerships to bolster the global society as a whole. Among the guest speakers was Vijay Eswaran, the Executive Chair of QI Investment Group.

Commenting on the discussion, Vijay Eswaran talked of the impact investment and the importance of empowering women to become entrepreneurs both in India and the greater East Asia region. Also, Eswaran emphasized the fundamental issues affecting business. He touched on education, saying that it is a fundamental drawback in most Asian nations. He pointed out the disconnection among educators, foundation and curriculum, as well as the learners. That means that a curriculum becomes defunct once the student completes it. QI Group, thus, took it upon itself to empower budding entrepreneurs, especially women.

During the same period, The World Economic Forum held its annual Sustainable Development Impact Summit. More than 700 participants, including government officials, investors, educators from more than 70 nations. The main purpose of the event was to bolster partnerships aimed at improving gender parity employment, leadership empowerment, education, and salaries. Vijay Eswaran was present. He talked about the need to contract the gender gap throughout traditional and modern roles.

In an interview with the Entrepreneur, the founder of QI Group, a conglomerate of companies spreading across different industrial sectors, shared some of his strong points and drivers that propelled him to success.

Vijay explains that his past was difficult, considering the economic plunge that was going on in Asia. Fortunately, he means like-minded partners and together they managed to establish a company in the direct selling line, a business that has lacked much awareness and understanding from the markets.

Following a shareholder conflict with one of his partners, Vijay Eswaran reputation went spiraling, but through dedication and hard work, he managed to get the company back to its feet. His message to budding entrepreneurs is that: Success comes with many challenges. It is important to embrace them because success and failure lie along the same road.

Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie apologizes to customers in addressed letter

Papa John’s is a prominent pizza chain and has been undergoing a lot of changes to fix their image as they hired Steve Ritchie as their new CEO. Steve Ritchie as the new leader penned an apology letter to all customers, which was also posted on the company’s website. He wrote that team members of the company are valuable members of society who are a part of the community and that not one individual makes Papa John’s, but all employees and managers. He outlined changes in the letter that they are going to make to get back on track which includes: the hiring of experts to oversee the company, getting feedback from other team members across many different franchises, and holding themselves accountable for whatever happens as a company. Steve Ritchie personally stated that he will be overseeing the whole process and getting the pizza chain back on track. He also thanked all customers in the letter for their support and business over the many years the pizza chain has been around for. The article by explains why this was a great decision for the brand going forward as they also posted the apology letter on their website. Steve Ritchie was cleverly able to address customers and franchises all around the country to apologize and list the changes that they were going to make and that they should be held accountable for their actions. Steve Ritchie offered an apology and listed changes that would be made for the better of the pizza chain and that they would be different from before. The best point that the INC article thinks that the CEO made was that not just one person is responsible for the success of the brand, but everyone and that every single one of them is of value to the community and Papa John’s.

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