Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva Propels MB2

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental enterprise. Dr. Villanueva is a visionary dental practitioner who is dedicated to promoting dentistry industry in both sole-proprietorship and corporate sectors. Having worked in the two sectors of the industry, Dr. Steven Villanueva established firm with knowledge of the full spectrum of the industry. He knew all that was required to deliver essential support in his services without crippling his profession.

Dr. Chris Villanueva established MB2 Dental with a recognition that all dental doctors needed special assistance that did not depend on the strings attached. Since its foundation, MB2 Dental has supported many dental practitioners in over 70 affiliated enterprises that are spread in the six states that the company has ventured in. Additionally, the company has provided over 530 job opportunities to its employees who provide various services to its clients in all the over 70 locations. Moreover, the company’s management team is set to carry on with the trend of promoting excellence.

Villanueva realized that typical dental service providers are not different from the traditional dental practices which are uninspired and drab. Consequently, Dr. Chris Villanueva founded MB2 with the aim of giving the field a new shape that focused on quality service delivery and not profit margins. Villanueva created MB2 to be a dentist-owned and managed firm that focuses on support, having fun together, personal growth, and autonomy.

The company allows practices to make significant advancements that aim at benefiting the clients who use them. These technological advancements improve the operating standards that in return enable practitioners to be happier while promoting healthy organic business development.

When interviewed by Ideamensch, Dr. Villanueva revealed that the idea of creating the MB2 Dental firm. He said that he got the idea when he graduated from college after realizing that he had to either opt to start a private dentistry project or join a large group of practitioners. He decided to combine the two options, and that was the source of MB2 Dental Solutions. Dr. Chris Villanueva also said that his company focuses on putting both the dental practitioners and the clients first before anything else.

Dr. Villanueva also said that he spends his time with smart people both at work and the outside life. He praised the people around him saying that they help him in bringing his ideas to life. He also maintained that people need to collaborate to bring ideas to life successfully.

About Dr. Chris Villanueva: ideamensch.com/chris-steven-villanueva/

How MB2 Dental is Making a Difference in People’s Lives

MB2 Dental is a provider of Dental care that has made a tremendous amount of positive impacts within the Dental industry. Many people are not aware that the conditions of their teeth has incredible amounts of impacts on their overall health. By tending to the health and conditions of your teeth, you can have absolute assurance of knowing that you’re doing everything that you need to do to achieve the most optimal levels of health in your life.


One may be wondering how the health and conditions of their mouth ca have an effect in their overall health. This is when it is important to remember that we need food to sustain ourselves. If there happens to be a lot of bacteria within the premises of our mouth, the food that we eat is going to carry the bacteria into the internal aspects of our organs. Regular cleaning through work that is provided by a dentist is highly recommended for any individual to proceed with. By setting up a set of appointments that consists of a recurring schedule in which the individual can go in and have their teeth checked and maintained/restored as necessary, that particular individual will be taking care of a very important aspect of their own personal health.


They’d constantly sanitize their clinic, as they know that the environment that they’d provide work in and work in themselves are prone to have all types of bacteria lingering within them. They conduct regular sessions of sanitation inspections to ensure the recommended protocols of sanitation are carried out and maintained. If a dental clinic does not take the necessary steps of keeping their property cleaned on a consistent basis, they will be putting their own professionals and patients at risks of potentially becoming ill due to there being different kinds of bacteria lingering around in the air and on surfaces of furniture, devices, equipment, appliances, and amenities.  They maintain a facility that is regularly organized, thus, making cleaning and maintenance that much easier for their staff. Be sure to contact a representative of the clinic so that you can have an appointment set up for you to visit during a time that’s convenient for your own personal schedule.