Whitney Wolfe Life Story

Whitney Wolfe is an inspiring business leader for females across the world. Some people wrongly assume that females cannot succeed at the highest levels of business. Whitney Wolfe started a company several years ago called Bumble. Although few people believed in her business idea, she had the conviction that the concept would be successful. She was able to raise capital from several venture capitalists in her area.

Bumble is a dating app where women make the first move. In today’s world, many women do not feel safe going on dates with other people. Bumble provides an excellent service that many females enjoy. When the app went viral, Whitney Wolfe instantly became a multi-millionaire. Although she could retire and travel the world, she wants to keep improving her business to help females around the globe.

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Inspiring Others

One of the best things about Whitney Wolfe is that she takes the time to inspire others. She realizes that she has an excellent opportunity to help other people reach their goals. She understands all of the obstacles for women who want to start a business. Many women have children, and managing a household can be stressful for anyone.

Whitney Wolfe speaks around the country at various colleges. Although she has a direct style of communication, she is always willing to help people who ask.

Future Plans

Whitney Wolfe has a ton of plans for the future. She firmly believes that operating a business is one of the best ways for women to have more success in life. Many females feel stressed trying to manage both a career and family. Instead of taking this approach, Whitney Wolfe recommends that women start their business idea. She has a lot of online content related to starting a business that can be useful for new business leaders.

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Entrepreneur Jose Hawilla

Jose Hawilla is a Businessman in his home Country. He was born and raised in the beautiful Country of Brazil. He was born in the year of 1943. Jose is from the City of Sao Jose. At a young age, he started to have a passion in Sports writing. His career began as a Journalist. Jose created a Company in 1980 and called it the Traffic Group. They promote Sports Marketing on a nation wide basis. Their services are in high demand. Hawilla’s Business has become very profitable. His Company has become the largest in Brazil that promotes positive Sports Marketing to an extensive clientele.


Jose Hawilla has achieved so much in his personal life and professionally. He has been loyal and loving to his family through the years. His life was full of happiness growing up. Jose has been blessed with lots of personal support from family and friends. He has become a mentor for young people that want to pursue Business. All through out Brazil, he has become known for his expert skills in the Corporate field. Jose Hawilla continues to succeed as a Business Executive every year. He shows his Business integrity, love for his country, and gratitude for his many clientele. These are a few reasons why Jose has become one of the most prominent Businessman in his home Country. Brazil recognizes his many accomplishments from a young age to present day. For more details visit LinkedIn.


There are vital steps to be taken in becoming a successful Entrepreneur. A good Entrepreneur learns to work smarter and harder. When using those skills together, a person can greatly succeed. Another smart idea is for Entrepreneurs to spend as little money as possible. Profits are made when less money is spent and more time working on the Company. The reality of failure is something that all Businessman have to go through to become profitable. One of the final steps is to have drive and dedication every day. Being a good Entrepreneur involves a lot of hard work and determination. You can visit YouTube to see more videos.


Vijay Eswaran: Success Story through Networking

From a struggling cab driver, Vijay Eswaran is now worth $550 million – thanks to his marketing skills and hard work. He managed to change his life by focusing on his strengths in the networking market, and he is now sharing the key points that he learned through his own life journey to other people so that they can change their lives too.

According to Vijay Eswaran, in order to become successful in networking, one must overcome conditioning. Vijay Eswaran has been fed with information that he could not become successful if he will not get a job. He decided to stop driving the cab and continued his study to get a degree, and then made it to the corporate world.

When he was taking his master’s degree, he was introduced to networking. He agreed to participate and considered it as his sideline, but he later found out that his side line earns him more, so he left his job and focused on networking instead.

Vijay Eswaran then stated that one should learn how to serve others, because helping other people would soon bear great results. We may never know when we would need assistance, and the network that we made could soon help us out. Then, he also stated about giving.

Vijay Eswaran stated that giving is the best way to get something. In the world of networking, one has to give and share his or her skills to the other members of the team in order for everyone to succeed.

He also stated about providing a time for meditation. Vijay Eswaran meditates for an hour each day, and he stated that it helps him focus, strategize and develop new ideas that will help his business grow. He added that in order to become successful in the field of networking, one must learn how to wait and persevere, because being rich does not come in an instant. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

He also said that networkers should tell the truth, and they should not deceive people into buying their products because trust is very fragile. If trust is broken, the business would go down.

Vijay Eswaran also urged those who are interested in networking to live a life with a sense of urgency, because according to him, we only live once and we do not know when this life ends.