Change Up Your Look All Day Long With Lime Crime

While many of the basic techniques of makeup application will never change, looks and trends change every season. Thankfully, Lime Crime also introduces new products every season that will help you create the most current and modern looks. Here are 2 great looks you can create with Lime Crime’s premium makeup line.

  1. Eyes that evolve

Let’s face it, when you go out at night, you want your eyes to make a whole different statement than when you’re facing down your competitors in a board room. With an everyday eyeshadow palette like the Pink Lemonade Pocket Candy Palette, you can even create a number of different looks throughout the day. With an everyday makeup palette, you can change your makeup look as quickly and easily as you can change your clothes to create just the right look for every occasion. Use softer, more neutral looks for the office, a bolder look when you want to make a statement and then quickly glam it up for a night out on the town or even just drinks at happy hour.

  1. Lips that stand out

One of the most important components of makeup application is achieving good balance. When you want to make a bold statement with your eyes, you may want to pair them with the softer matte look you can create with Lime Crime’s matte velvetines. On the other hand, you may want all eyes to land right on your lips. You can accomplish this with either a wet cherry gloss or a diamond crusher iridescent lip topper which will direct all eyes right to your kisser.

No matter what type of look you are going for, from the soft and subtle to the all-out glam, Lime Crime has just the right product to help you achieve that look. Best of all, Lime Crime offers a number of products that can help you change your look throughout the day to suit every occasion.