Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva Propels MB2

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental enterprise. Dr. Villanueva is a visionary dental practitioner who is dedicated to promoting dentistry industry in both sole-proprietorship and corporate sectors. Having worked in the two sectors of the industry, Dr. Steven Villanueva established firm with knowledge of the full spectrum of the industry. He knew all that was required to deliver essential support in his services without crippling his profession.

Dr. Chris Villanueva established MB2 Dental with a recognition that all dental doctors needed special assistance that did not depend on the strings attached. Since its foundation, MB2 Dental has supported many dental practitioners in over 70 affiliated enterprises that are spread in the six states that the company has ventured in. Additionally, the company has provided over 530 job opportunities to its employees who provide various services to its clients in all the over 70 locations. Moreover, the company’s management team is set to carry on with the trend of promoting excellence.

Villanueva realized that typical dental service providers are not different from the traditional dental practices which are uninspired and drab. Consequently, Dr. Chris Villanueva founded MB2 with the aim of giving the field a new shape that focused on quality service delivery and not profit margins. Villanueva created MB2 to be a dentist-owned and managed firm that focuses on support, having fun together, personal growth, and autonomy.

The company allows practices to make significant advancements that aim at benefiting the clients who use them. These technological advancements improve the operating standards that in return enable practitioners to be happier while promoting healthy organic business development.

When interviewed by Ideamensch, Dr. Villanueva revealed that the idea of creating the MB2 Dental firm. He said that he got the idea when he graduated from college after realizing that he had to either opt to start a private dentistry project or join a large group of practitioners. He decided to combine the two options, and that was the source of MB2 Dental Solutions. Dr. Chris Villanueva also said that his company focuses on putting both the dental practitioners and the clients first before anything else.

Dr. Villanueva also said that he spends his time with smart people both at work and the outside life. He praised the people around him saying that they help him in bringing his ideas to life. He also maintained that people need to collaborate to bring ideas to life successfully.

About Dr. Chris Villanueva: ideamensch.com/chris-steven-villanueva/

Ara Chackerian and Mental Health Month

Ara Chackerian stays in San Francisco. He is a famous person when it comes to philanthropy and business world. He is known for his commitment toward startup healthcare companies by funding them. Over the years, Ara Chackerian has always looked for more ways of bridging the gap between healthcare and technology. He has decades of experience working with technology and healthcare fields and trying to link them as close as possible. He is the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions which is a treatment option for those people who have been experiencing resistant depression. He is also a board member in the organization.

Currently, Ara works in several boards of directors as a member of several companies in the Bay Area. Moreover, Ara takes his time to deal with issues to do with the environment. He is actively dedicated to sustainability practices. For instance, he takes part in the Limonapa Teak Farm found in Nicaragua. The farm is known for its environmental friendly approaches when it comes to its operations. The farm ensures that its activities have little effect on the environment as well as the local people. In addition to this, the farm also improved the economy of the local people by offering them jobs that are well paying.

According to Ara Chackerian, it is essential to have the right group of people to work with. Thus, his advice to young entrepreneurs is that they should be careful when it comes to choosing groups. A positive and like-minded group will help one to achieve his goal. Moreover, he claims that for one to be able to come up with ideas in life they have to be very close and engage life more and they will get access to many ideas.for more details you can checkout business.com


Ara Chackerian claims that there significant things that people should do when the month of mental health arrives. So many people in the United States are suffering from mental health issues, and it is upon other people and family members to come up with ways of helping them. Ara states that when one comes across somebody who is having mental health issues, they should find ways of helping the person professionally. To see more you can visit about.me


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Rick Shinto Taking InnovaCare Health to New Success Heights

There should be no compromises when it comes to Medicare – this is what InnovaCare Health president Rick Shinto believes in. As the InnovaCare boss, Dr. Shinto believes that this firm is meant to be the trendsetter in the Medicare sector. From 2012, when Dr. Shinto joined this firm, all efforts have been directed towards providing top quality services to all their clients across the board.


Shinto’s Leadership

Rick Shinto’s leadership at this Medicare provider is centered towards every person doing their best. Under their mission statement, redefining healthcare management, he has also managed to redefine this company. He has set up a clear vision for the company to be the best, and that’s what they are working on it every day. Transparency and good working relations are some of the most valued qualities under his management. For continued stability and unshaken growth of the company, Dr. Shinto insists that the company hires only top professionals. This means that InnovaCare Health can be able to provide satisfactory services in all its aspects.


Education and Career

This InnovaCare boss attended the University of California where he attained his Bachelor of Science. Ricardo Shinto then joined the University of New York for his medical degree and later attended the University of Redlands where he pursued his M.B.A. Dr. Shinto began his career is Southern California as a pulmonologist. He later became the Chief Medical Officer at NAMM, California and Medical Pathways Management Company respectively. During this time, he participated in writing and publishing numerous medical and healthcare articles. He also served as the Chief Operating Officer while at Medical Pathways. He was later named Aveta Inc.’s CEO, and it was from here that he joined InnovaCare. While at Aveta Inc., Rick Shinto was awarded with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. His long term experience in this field bundled with his early achievements are what gave him the InnovaCare boss job.


InnovaCare’s Success

Under his leadership, this healthcare provider has bagged several accomplishments. To begin with, Ricardo Shinto has managed to bring in over 70% of the market under this company thanks to his reforms. He did this amid stiff competition from the insurance companies. In addition to that, PMC Medicare Choice Inc and MMM Healthcare Inc., the InnovaCare affiliates, have grown to top class Medicare providers under his watch. Under his leadership and experience, the growth potential of InnovaCare Health seems to be limitless.


Sussex Healthcare Appoints New CEO

Sussex Healthcare has appointed a new CEO in January, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Amanda has over thirty years’ experience working in a variety of positions. She started her career as a mental health nurse in 1984 then excelled in her field to reach leadership roles such as a Service Manager, Quality Development Director and Managing Director. She specializes in the ability to help organizations build trust with their stakeholders and customers through enforcing the right care and support systems. Amanda has already spent her first few weeks as CEO visiting each home and “is looking forward to meeting residents, relatives and colleagues over the coming weeks” as stated in a news release on their website.

Sussex Healthcare Background
Sussex Healthcare manages care homes for the elderly, those with dementia, neurological needs and those with physical or learning disabilities primarily in the Sussex area. They currently own and operate twenty homes with over five hundred and eighty beds and offer a range of services for their residents. They have been providing care in the community for over twenty-five years and have won several awards during that time. Their mission is to provide the highest standards of physical, emotional, spiritual and social care centered around the individuals.

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Specialized Care
Seven care homes are centered around care for older people that need help with the basics including lodging, meals, social activities, some therapies, and medical care twenty-four hours a day. Thirteen care homes are dedicated to the specialized care of the visitors and residents including specialized activities and therapies for residents with learning and/or physical disabilities, special equipment, and spa pools.

Activities and Therapies
They take pride in the care they offer their residents. Some of the activities offered to residents of the homes are reminiscence sessions, crafts, cooking, and art therapy. Keeping their minds engaged is key to their health and well-being. Therapies are often centered around the individual person – giving the right treatment at the right time in the right amount. Sussex has now added a state-of-the-art gym facility to help each client reach and maintain their optimal health. It is located in Horsham and has many individualized and group-centered sessions to offer.

Find more about Sussex Healthcare: http://www.midsussexhealthcare.co.uk/