Jeremy Goldstein Hosts Gala Dinner For Mental Health

Jeremy Goldstein proved to the world that it’s more than possible to do a great thing for the less fortunate in the community while having a good time. In May 2018, he managed to raise thousands of dollars for the non-profit organization Fountain House with the assistance of Omar Khan and Jim Finkel. The Fountain House serves the community by helping those who have been diagnosed with mental illness live healthy, adjusted lives in their own communities through rehabilitation programs. Learn more:


When asked about his choice to host the luxurious wine dinner for charity, Jeremy Goldstein noted that mental illness is an epidemic that the whole world is facing. He approves of the high success rate that the Fountain House has when it comes to helping these individuals afflicted with severe mental illness find employment. Not only did this dinner help to raise money for the organization, but it also brought together leaders from many different industries in order to discuss the impact that mental illness has on the world and how it can be addressed.


The fundraiser ended up being one of the top events of its kind that New York City has seen this year. It was held at the Nomad Hotel on their luxury rooftop where guests were able to enjoy a wide variety of amenities including a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline. Jeremy Goldstein was excited to share the collection of fine wines from Chateau Latour that he had secured for the event. The event was so popular that a second one was held just a few weeks later which also raised thousands of dollars for the cause.


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