Results Of Advertising Study Released By PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz

PodcastOne is an online media company which was founded by Norman Pattiz. As the company’s Executive Chairman he released the results of a brand lift study he had commissioned Edison Research to independently perform. Jointly announcing the results was the Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research, Tom Webster.

What the study was designed to determine was how effective advertising on podcasts was for a variety of brands used for it. The survey took place over the second half of 2016.

The study polled podcast listeners both before and after each segment of the study. Each segment of the study used five national brands, some which were trying out new messages and others which were lesser known and trying to gain attention.

The study tested three things; how many listeners knew about each brand before and after its podcast ad campaign, how much they intended to buy the product advertised, and what the brand’s message was.

The study showed that advertising on podcasts is a very effective way of getting a brand’s message out and increasing people’s desire to buy the product. One dramatic result was that one brand was only mentioned by 7% of the study participants before its podcast ad campaign ran while 60% mentioned it afterward. The awareness of one car care product increased by 60% while a national casual dining restaurant chain gained 76% in awareness.

When announcing the results, Norman Pattiz said that it has always been a key factor at PodcastOne to independently determine how effective product advertising was on his network.

The results showed that advertising on a podcast is even more effective than advertising on traditional media. He also said that the study validated his company’s use of a multi-teared approach when it came to both integrating ads as well as measuring how effective they were.

Many people know Norman Pattiz as the founder of the radio giant Westwood One. This national company has radio stations in every major market across the United States and broadcasts some of the biggest events such as the Olympics and The Super Bowl.

He has been in the media industry for 40 years and under his leadership PodcastOne has become the largest provider of podcasts in the world. Additionally, he has served in other capacities such as on the Broadcasting Board of Governor of The United States of America and as a Regent at the University of California.

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