End Citizen’s United Could Be The Light At The End Of A Deregulated Tunnel For America

End Citizens United is here to counteract the deregulation of political funding streams amends the Constitution. It sounds like a huge task to take on, and it is. In 2010, a bill passed by the United States Supreme Court in 2010, Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. This bill treats legal entities like huge corporations as individuals and allows them the freedom of speech to invest as much of their money you to whoever or whatever they like anonymously. This ruling came about in reaction to Citizens United (CU) airing an hour-long film attacking Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Primary elections.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) realized that Hillary: The Movie was a campaign ad. CU refused to share who paid for the film and airing. CU then attempted to sue the FEC to overturn the ruling. They were initially unsuccessful. However, two years later Barack Obama is the President of the United States, and the US Supreme Court reversed the federal court ruling.

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This ruling has done away with the government’s ability to put limitations on what corporations can do to influence the outcome of elections. This ruling has had huge ramifications on elections. People don’t want to feel like the people who make their laws can be bought. Many US corporations are multinational with significant foreign interest. The amount of money coming into the US elections would rise exponentially. This will add to the increase of radio and television advertisements that will be able to create endless negative ads about the competition.

This gives the Republican Party an unlimited advantage as they are known for having deep economic ties with economic elite. Big players like the Walton family who own half of Walmart, the Koch brothers who own Koch Industries ( the second largest privately owned business in the United States), and Betsy DeVos she is not only the racist, uninformed Secretary of Education under Donald Trump’s administration she is also married to the heir of the Amway fortune.

End Citizens United goal is clear and unwavering, they want to end the ruling of Citizens United. The plan is to raise grassroots finds to level the playing field between the democratic and republican parties during election time. End Citizens United also want to amend the constitution as it applies to freedom of speech. They want it to be clear that it is the freedom of individual speech, not corporations.

End Citizens United is looking like how Democrats will be able to win the 2018 election cycle and take back the House and the Senate. They have a goal to raise 35 million dollars. ECU are only supporting candidates that pledge not to use funding from big corporations. For the state of America, I hope they’re successful.

Check more about End Citizens United: https://www.youtube.com/c/EndCitizensUnitedOrg