How Sam Boraie Has Helped to Develop and Transform New Brunswick

Sam Boraie is the person behind major development projects in New Brunswick area. For about 40 years now, the real estate mogul has helped to transform New Brunswick City, where he has invested huge amount of funds to develop both residential and commercial properties in this area. Omar is the executive of Boraie Development LLC, one of the largest real estate firms in the state of New Jersey. The latest project by Omar and his company is The Aspire. According to Central Jersey Working Moms, he has been dreaming about bringing such a project for several years, but now he is delighted the project is complete and occupied.

The Aspire is a 17-storey residential building with luxury apartments developed at the heart of New Brunswick. Omar’s objective was to redevelop New Brunswick the same way he witnessed developments in some European countries when he was a scholar. The real estate expert explained that the city was a terrible and dangerous place in the past. He had a dream of transforming the city, and since he began, Omar has never looked back again. Today, the entrepreneur is very delighted when viewing the city from the eighth floor where his office is located.

Previously, the land where The Aspire is located had twenty one crumbling buildings all on the same block. When Omar began developing New Brunswick, he developed Tower One in the 1980s and 1990s. In 2003, Tower Two was constructed next to first tower. Although the two towers were major developments during that time, Omar had vision of developing high quality, luxury residential apartments on the city. Omar accomplished his dreams when he developed a deluxe project for condominiums. Omar has accepted that he could not have achieved his dream without the support of other investors. These investors helped to develop other businesses which were critical in facilitating Omar’s development agenda. The blog was published through Central Jersey Working Moms on

Overview of Boraie Development, LLC

Boraie Development is a property development and management firm based in New Brunswick, NJ. The company focuses on development of real estate projects in urban areas. Boraie has an experienced team of professionals dedicated to helping clients develop spectacular properties. The company has been partnering with the best lending institutions, professional architects and experienced contractors to ensure all development are completed on schedule without delaying their clients. Boraie Development has over 30 years of experience in development and management of properties in New Brunswick and the whole of New Jersey.