Cotemar Serves with a Smile

It been close to three decades and some since Cotemar began to provide services in PetroleosMexicanos (Pemex). Our main services are in the oil industry. We also have services in the gas industry. Our services are validated and the relevant authorities have certified our services as well.

To be competitive in our industry, we constantly evolve so as to accommodate the market changes on Our experienced and trained employees provide high tech services to enable us stay competitive in the industry.The services we offer here are in categories: catering, construction, maintenance, accommodation, maritime support and engineering.


Employment at Cotemar means that workers get to be developed as a whole. We improve and develop employees and their dear ones as well. The opportunities we extend to staff help them grow holistically. On the job training on is one of the most important opportunities we offer to staff. This in-service training helps the employee advance their knowledge in various areas related with the trade.

Our success hinges on the satisfaction of our employees. Motivation of employees is not just about salary, but also about empowering. It is for this reason that we are committed to training and development of employees on The core of the courses taught are on job safety. We interact with universities in Mexico which offer internships.

Cookery and Accommodation

Accommodation services are offered on our rigs. We also have similar provisions on the vessels we operate. In each of the cabins we have cleaning services, laundry, nourishment and bedding services. In each of the cabins can accommodate about three individuals. Our recreational area has a cinema, a gymnasium, a basketball court and a TV room. All our offshore catering services are supported at Hotel Ciudad del Carmen. We are able to serve close to 4000 people with accommodation and catering services. See:

Other Services

The core services we provide at Cotemar include professional maritime support. Our satellite linked machines enable the provision of offshore maintenance. We also provide light weight transport services. Some of our vessel services include: transportation and firefighting. In a bid to offer services, we are keen on enduring that we are compliant with regulations as set out by the authorities.