The Contribution of Edwin Miranda in Quality Assurance

Edwin Miranda is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Cytovance Biopharmaceuticals. He will be taking the position of the vice president of quality Cytovance Biopharmaceuticals. He studied at Angelo University in San Angelo and graduated with a B.S in Biology and Chemistry. He was also serving his country in the Army before he retired.

Edwin Miranda had a successful career where he worked with several firms before joining Cytovance Pharmaceuticals. Some of the firms he served include Keppra where he supervised the quality assurance team and successfully managed get an FDA approval. Edwin Miranda also initiated the starting of the New Drug Application for Keppra. He also served as the vice president of quality assurance at URL mutual pharmaceuticals where he was in charge of the quality systems and oversaw regulatory compliance functions. He is also credited with coming up with a successful remediation plan.

Edwin Miranda has more than three decades of vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, his presence at Cytovance Pharmaceuticals will be a valuable asset to the entire organization. Consequently, he will bring vast experience in maintaining strict adherence to the set quality standards.

Miranda Edwin is also a senior loan consultant at the New American Funding. This firm is a national bank that issues mortgages to its customers. It was launched in the year 2003, and it operates a customer service Centre of more than 40 employees. Its principal focus is the delivery of quality service to its customers. It offers a wide variety of purchase home loans such as Cash-out mortgage’s, Jumbo and many others.

Under the leadership of Edwin Miranda, the New American Funding has been able to maximize its operations by enabling faster processing of mortgage loans where all the processes are done in the same house. The firm has enormous respect and dignity to its customers, employees and its partners.

Hedge Fund Manager Shervin Pishevar’s Tweetstorm Shines A Light On An Economic Collapse

If you’re a Trump fan, you probably won’t believe what angel investor and hedge fund guru Shervin Pishevar had to say in his 21-hour tweetstorm. Trump claims the economy is great. He claims his economic plan works, and the monthly job reports prove this is the greatest economic boom in history. But even though the GDP grew by a little more than three percent in the second quarter of 2018, the economy has several hurdles to overcome in 2019. And a couple of those hurdles are the handy work of Donald Trump.

Anxiety seems to be the flavor of the day on Wall Street. The stock market is the measuring stick that tells investors how healthy corporations are and how strong the economy is at any given time. Investors know the stock market plunges in November and December show there’s danger dead ahead, according to Shervin Pishevar.

If the name Shervin Pishevar doesn’t mean much, you probably don’t know he’s a successful Silicon Valley investor and hedge fund manager. He played an important role in launching Uber. He lead the charge to invest $21 million in Uber when no one knew what Uber was or what it could do in the transportation industry.

Mr. Pishevar invested in other startups along the way. Airbnb, Dollar Shave Club, Postmates, and Warby Parker are a few of the startups that Shervin Pishevar recognized before other investors knew about them.

When Shervin decided to warn investors that another economic crisis was in the wind in February 2018, investors thought he didn’t understand how great Trump’s economic policies would be. But Shervin saw things that other investors overlooked back in February. Inflation, climbing interest rates, stock market plunges, bond uncertainty, and Trump’s tariff and sanction initiatives are on every investor’s mind right now. Shervin Pishevar warned investors those issues would come together to produce another 2008-type meltdown last February.

Shervin Pishevar tweetstorm gave investors fair warning, but most investors thought Pishevar didn’t give Trump enough credit. But those investors didn’t see the handwriting on the recession wall in Pishevar’s tweetstorm but they see it now.

JD.Com Claims Its Stake in China’s Parcel Delivery Arena by Opening up Its Logistics Network

In a decision that will see JD claim its stake in one of China’s most competitive markets, recently announced that it would open its logistics network to consumers. That symbolizes that customers will now be able to use the same fast and reliable delivery channel used by the company to deliver their purchased goods, and send their parcels.The firm announced that the service would first be rolled out to its clients who are in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. Those living within these boundaries will now be able to send parcels both domestically and also throughout mainland China. Later, plans on expanding the capacity of its new delivery service, and thus enhances its convenience even more by allowing sending and receiving high-value items such as the latest products in consumer electronics and quality luxury products.

JD also plans on adding more delivery time options; hence making it even more convenient.Thanks to its nationwide logistics network, Jingdong believes that it can reach 99% of the population by ensuring that 90% of the orders reach the recipients either the same day or the next day. According to the firm’s Chief executive, Zhenui Wang, venturing into the parcel delivery arena marks’s next step in increasing its footprint in the nationwide logistic network it has been building for the past one decade.Due to this new service, customers now have the option of either sending parcels domestically or requesting pickups using WeChat, JD’s mini delivery program operated by one of its affiliates known as Tencent. Besides, JD is already conducting trials on this new service by offering multiple picks up points to customers to test its efficiency before it is launched.

Even though the parcel delivery arena is highly competitive, Jingdong believes that its new venture will bring it massive returns. The firm is also confident that through this service it will be able to expand its market even further. This is after 74% of the random people it conducted surveys on, expressed their need for quality, fast and reliable delivery services. Venturing into this sector will not only help it expand its client base but will also make it one of the biggest rivals for e-commerce companies such Alibaba group holdings and express carriers such as United Parcel service and ZTO Express Inc. among many is based in Beijing hence the reason why most of its services are first rolled out in the City. The organization was initiated in 2004, and has seen tremendous growth making it one of China’s largest e-commerce platforms regarding revenue.

Robert Diegnan’s Inspiration Behind Starting His Own Company

The current CEO of ATS Digital Services ,LLC, Robert Diegnan is a Purdue University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational leadership. He started off his career right after college when he started his first business venture, Fanlink Inc. after a short stretch with Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. The ATS concept came to him while he was working in iS3, an anti-malware software company when together with his colleagues had issues installing their software in a user’s machine.When they found a solution to the malware through a scheme they had come up with, ATS realized they could charge a fee, and since the clients were satisfied, they strived to maintain their trust. In 2011, they co-founded their digital executive company that dealt with all matters technology like home networks, installation needs, data storage and any issues with mobile devices. He compiled a team of well-educated personnel that could combine both his passions, technology and customer service.ATS Digital services LLC has trained experts in setups, activation and cellular repairs. Robert Diegnan has created a culture for his employees that dictates giving all their customers the best service possible. The organization got certified by AppEsteem for exemplary services in the software world. With the realization that technology makes work easier, Diegnan strives to maintain his business by making his customers lives more comfortably and gets frustrated when things won’t go right. He has made sure to have the most updated tools for his company and a workforce that knows how to operate them because with every rising of the sun, new gadgets are created, and technology advances. Robert believes that time is the most valuable resource and if we are going to spend it, then it should be on something we think will maximize our opportunities. The Maverick CEO makes most of his decisions based on his gut feeling and most times he is always right. Besides being a technological expert with over twenty years’ experience under his sleeves, he enjoys boats and fishing, and he recently won the 79th silver sailfish derby.

Bob Reina: Believe It

When it comes to the type of things that Bob Reina is doing, a lot of people might have a hard time believing them or thinking they are actually true. Perhaps they have been jaded and they feel like there are no good people left in the world and there is nothing to look forward to when it’s all said and done. However, once they look deeper into the work of Bob Reina and find out what he is about and what he stands for, they will see he is a man of his word. Everything he says he is going to do, he does it, each and every time. He is a true man of his word, which is a rarity in today’s world.


However, Bob Reina is hoping to inspire people with his video technology platform Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is all about video and using it to connect people and have them become closer than ever. They can also create their own business from the ground up with video newsletters, video emails, and video chats to name a few. This man is a former police officer, and he truly believes in justice and what is right for the people. It is in his blood and it is part of his principals. It is why people have reacted so positively to him and to the product.


They also respond with great enthusiasm when they discover he made a donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Make no mistake about it; this was not just any donation. This was a donation of over a million dollars. This is in addition to Bob Reina also paying the vet bills for a lot of people in need that are low on funds. He is not one to look for the spotlight. He does this because it is who he is as a human being.


He is a great human being and any person out there would be lucky to know him, meet him, or spend time with him. He makes an immediate impact and he carries a lot of legitimacy with him. Learn more:

Bob Reina: The Future Of Joy

Bob Reina is a proud man and sometimes being too full of pride can be a bad thing. In the case of Bob Reina, each and every time, it is the best thing possible. He has pride in what he does and it shows in his work as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. If Bob Reina did not have pride as the owner, the product would suffer greatly. It would be mediocre and Talk Fusion would have fallen apart by now. It would be a total and complete mess as a product. Bob Reina is not going to let that happen on his watch.


He knows that a lot of people are counting on him and they are counting on Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion, the video communications platform, is truly stunning. They keep adding things on to the product. The video newsletters are a popular feature as they give people the opportunity to send out newsletters to their followers and fans of the product. A lot of the time, these people can be all over the world. Because of this, it can be quite challenging to reach all of those people at once. It could take hours or days, which is time spent away from the company. Learn more:


When it’s all said and done, any company needs to reach people and people need to know it is out there. If they are unaware of it or it goes unnoticed, someone can have the greatest product on planet earth, but no one is going to discover it. Talk Fusion is the key to having people discover it, be aware of it, and follow it. This promotes growth and as everyone knows, growth is the backbone of any great company. They need to keep growing and they need to keep it fresh. Learn more:


As a person, Bob Reina is growing all of the time, both personally and professionally. Every day he looks in the mirror, he wants to like the person he sees and he wants to enjoy the impact he is making on the world, which is a big talking point for him. Learn more: