Dan Bethelmy- Rada: the Leading Beauty Marketer

Daniel Bethelmy Rada is the youngest General Manager of the DMI since 2015. He also heads the L’Oreal Professional Products Division and MATRIX working as the Global Brand President. Before he became the general manager, Daniel Bethelmy had worked for about 15 years in L’Oreal, Paris and in the Garnier brands. He is recognized for being innovative, skillful marketing and digital strategy. He also promotes the diversity and expansive education in the workplace.

Education and Career

Dan Bethelmy- Rada graduated from Sorbonne with an International Business degree which he later mastered and earned an MBA from the ESSEC Business School, France in the year 2002. After college, he worked as Product Manager at L’Oreal, Paris in 2003 for LaScad. In the year 2005, he was given more international roles in the Consumer Products part of the company. He then moved on to being Garnier International’s assistant vice president which became the first antibacterial product in Europe in the year 2007. He became the senior vice president in 2011 running hair and styling and managed to bring Elseve product to double its growth. He became sequentially promoted and became the general manager in the year 2014 in charge of marketing across the US, Russia, Brazil, and Singapore and in 2015 he relocated to the US to become the MATRIX’s Global Brand President.

Dan Bethelmy – Rada’s passion into beauty was inspired by his schooling environment in Paris, he says that he saw beauty everywhere which went in line with his studies. He loved and adored photography and art exhibitions. He is a man who believes in communication and brainstorming via photography. He finds inspiration and to be creative in the social media, in trend reports and in moments. He embraces the ideas from his team members to ensure that they work out something worthy out of the day.

The Bottom Line

Dan Bethelmy – Rada believes that learning will still be there and for one to continue growing there is no specific age or time to live a dream. To the marketers, it is important for them to embrace dedicated ambition, keep a strict schedule to attain work-life balance, expand the limits, get inspired, and communicate more to avoid assumptions