Exec at Natixis John Hailer Discusses Emerging Technologies

John Hailer Submission To The Massachusetts Joint Committee On Expansion Of Business Opportunities

John Hailer is the president and CEO of Natixis Global Asset Management. In his public submission to the Massachusetts Joint Committee regarding economic development and emerging technologies, Exec at Natixis John Hailer advised lawmakers on the importance of proper airline connections and flight routes in the growth of an economy. He added that government could provide a favorable and conducive business environment by establishing better ways of transporting goods and fastening the movement of people across the globe.

As the chairman of the New England Council, Hailer applauded the Massachusetts Port Authority (MPA)and Japan Airlines (JAL) decision to commence direct flights from Boston to Tokyo. While giving his speech at Gov. Deval Patrick’s economic development plan, Hailer added that having direct flights to Tokyo will benefit the business partnership between the two cities. Other critical sectors like education and financial services will also benefit from such agreement.

John Hailer also commended the state of Massachusetts for its decision to embrace the idea of achieving first-class infrastructural development. According to him, such achievements are tenable when the relevant companies and organizations take advantage of non-stop flights to other cities in Tokyo like Shanghai and Mumbai and benchmark on various latest infrastructural developments. On the same note, he indicated that, the non-stop flight agreement between Massachusetts and Tokyo provides a better connection opportunity between different cities of the two countries. In return, more business opportunities are unlocked.

What Is Natixis Global Management, S.A?

The giant Natixis Global Management, S.A. is among the 15 renowned world asset managers regarding assets under management. Its headquarters are in Boston and Paris. Per the company’s financial report (dated September 30th, 2011), the total asset value was $705 billion. With the help of other affiliated asset management companies, the company allows its clients to invest in products that will improve and protect their wealth and retirement assets. Also, the company has a proprietary distribution network tasked with packaging and delivery of its affiliate companies’ products across the globe.

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