Facts about IM Academy

IM Academy is a learning institution based in New York City. It is run and managed by Christopher Terry who is the company’s CEO. The head financial manager is Isis De La Torre who is also part of the team that keeps the platform working. The academy works mainly through its IM Academy website and its application.

How it started

IM Academy started as a vision from two individuals. The founders believed in creating a platform that would increase accessibility to trading information. They believed by doing so they would empower people to live a better life. The academy began as a physical institution in its headquarters. It quickly advanced to a digital platform. This is because the founders believed that information should be accessible to all. Anyone with a working smartphone, internet and ready mind to learn can gain the most from the academy.

The Academy’s Structure

The academy has been organized into four different platforms to ensure students have a variety of choices. This structure is mainly based on the four different topics that students pick. The academy talk about topics that include learning about Forex Trading, High Frequency Exchange and Digital Frequency Exchange. All the academies have the same means of teaching their students.

IM Teaching Resources

As an educational platform, IM Academy uses two resources to ensure it trains its students. The first resource is the pre-recorded video modules. The video modules are recorded so that the students can access them at any time. The second resource is the live interactive sessions. The sessions are made available conveniently. This makes it possible for students in different time zones to take part.

The third teaching resource is the academy strategies. The strategies work to give students an upper hand while trading. All the resources work together to fulfill students’ capability in becoming efficient traders. The theory work opens up students’ minds while the live sessions allow students to practice what they learnt. See this page for some amazing reviews about the academy.


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