Flavio Maluf’s Achievement as the President of Eucatex

Eucatex Group is one of the oldest companies operating in the Brazilian business environment in Brazil. In 1951, Eucatex Group was developed by the Brazil-based Maluf family as a marketer and producer of insulation and liners made from eucalyptus trees. Since the company was incepted, it has always worked to take good care of the environment. When the company was founded, minimal laws were governing the use of the environment towards conservation and production. However, Eucatex Group has maintained a good name as the only company planting trees to make the environment better for everyone. While the company was made to develop products geared towards home-made consumption, it has started producing products for the large industrial and construction firms. Eucatex Group is run in two different segments. For more information about Maluf, view his crunchbase profile.

The furniture industry: Eucatex Group is one of the largest companies dealing in the production of timber and other wood products. Eucatex Group also produces Tamburato, MDP, and wood fiber plates. The company also provides its products using the highest level of technology in the world. Eucalyptus wood is the main raw materials for this service.

The Construction Company: Eucatex Group is another world-class company that provides equipment and products to the construction company. For over two decades it has concentrated on the development of the goods used in construction. For this segment, Eucatex Group produces paints and laminate floors. In the recent past, they started building modular partitions.

In 1997, Flavio Maluf was made the president of the company. During this time, he was the only employee in the company fit to become president. Due to his high level of integrity and knowledge, he was awarded the contract to work for the company in this. Flavio joined the family business to work in the trading department. For more than five years, he worked in this section to create better business deals for the company. Because of his performance, he was promoted to work in the manufacturing department. At this point, he worked hard to ensure production was in a good sense. Therefore, the family agreed to elect him as the next president of Eucatex Group of Companies.

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