Gino Pozzo

Gino Pozzo is the President of Udinese Calcio Football Club, a professional Italian football club from the city of Udine. Gino is one of the most influential figures in the history of Italian football and has been a pioneer in developing revolutionary ways to run football clubs. In doing so, he led his team to a global audience and created one of the most successful sporting brands in the world.

Part four of our series on critical moments helped build Udinese into what it is today and who was behind it.

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The year is 1975. Udinese fans have patiently awaited their heroes, the mighty Juventus, to arrive in Italy. The club is only two years old, having been formed in 1969 as a merger between Siena and Alkasses with the patronage of Bernardo Daddi, a banker from Torino. As those who grew up watching Serie A will know, Italian football has a habit of being saved from financial disaster by its most famous clubs. This particular club was strapped for cash but had a rich and passionate fanbase eager to take them forward. Udinese’s president was Gino Pozzo, a tireless and charismatic 36-year-old.

Gino’s father, Giorgio (Gianfranco), had been an electrical engineer in his younger days before turning to the family business of running the factory where they made trolleybuses in Torino. He first met Alberico Albrizzi, another young entrepreneur who had his sights set on football as a business opportunity. The two men signed an agreement whereby Albrizzi became part of the board at Siena while continuing to produce trolleys. Albrizzi was also an artist and drew a strong logo he gave to the Turin-based club. Read this article for more information.

At this time, for some reason, Siena was nicknamed The King of the Trolleybuses. This would be their team’s name for many years to come. Gino Pozzo’s father could not stand the thought of his son playing minor league football when he could have been helping the most financially challenged club in Italy. However, his son’s passion for football outweighed his father’s wish and Gino Pozzo was allowed to play for Torino as a youth team player before becoming one of their star players in Serie B.


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