Jacob Gottlieb talks about top pharmaceutical companies to invest in

The healthcare industry is about to experience exciting things. This sentiment is based on Jacob Gottlieb, an investor in the healthcare sector. He is PRMIA, MD, and CFA in various establishments. He also heads Altium Capital, a healthcare initiative that develops therapies for multiple conditions.

Insights into the top pharmaceutical companies

Jacob Gottlieb is an entrepreneur who has a vested interest in healthcare. He specializes in the identification of companies which have the potential to become profitable. This skill is evident in his recent acquisition Altium Capital. This company has acquired other businesses including Amarin Corporation and Oramed Pharmaceuticals.

Altium’s Capital first stake at Oramed Pharmaceuticals was 5.61%. This company is known to have developed an innovative treatment for oral use as well as other solutions for patients with diabetes. This organization’s drugs such as ORMD-0801 and GLP-1 have been tested and released to the market.

Amarin Corporation, on the other hand, is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in New Jersey. This company pioneers in the development of drug solutions for cardiovascular disorders. Its drug conjugates are made of lipid and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The FDA has approved the company’s drug, Vascepa (AMR-101) for human use. The drug contains omega-3 fatty acids which are essential to the body.

Another company Oragenics has also become one of the company’s to watch. This firm is pioneers in the development of Replacement Therapy. This technique is based on the use of beneficial bacteria to fight disease. The company works in collaboration with Intrexon Corporation, Inc. which specialize in the development of various antibiotics.

Oragenics owns some of the powerful technologies that make effective drugs. Teaming up of these companies is expected to propel the creation of more prescriptions for oral mucositis among other diseases affecting the esophagus, oral cavity, and throat. Jacob Gottlieb knows the potential these companies have and that is why he has invested in them.