Learn More About Grants Assists

Grant Assist foundation helps organizations and businesses secure grants. In addition, it offers grant application services and consultancy. The foundation has helped many businesses and individuals secure funds from the Government. Following are areas that Grant Assist supports.

Grants for Agriculture

Agriculture plays a vital role in the Australian economy. This is why the Government provides agricultural grants and assistance to farmers, primary producers, and other organizations in the farming sector.

Agricultural grants are essential in sustaining this sector, especially during hard times. At times, farmers and other primary producers experience harsh conditions making it difficult for their businesses to grow.

Grant for Startup Businesses

It is not easy for startup businesses to acquire funding from financial institutions. This is because they lack a significant capital contribution or a trading history.

However, through the Government, Grant Assist enables these businesses to receive sufficient funds for growth. The objective of these programs is to provide startups with the necessary resources and tools to run the business smoothly. 

Healthcare Grants

Healthcare plays a crucial role in the well-being of the population. This explains why the Australian Government has invested billions of dollars in supporting this sector. Grant Assists is one of the programs used to provide this assistance. These grants are not only restricted to businesses; professionals in this industry are also legible to apply.

Employment Grants

The Government has introduced grant schemes to encourage employers to hire many job seekers to reduce unemployment levels. The Government of Australia, through Grant Assist, offers $15000 to $20000 to businesses willing to employ job seekers. These grants plus other incentives are also aimed at improving places of work.

Green Grants

The Australian Government offers assistance programs in grants, awards, and incentives to promote environmentally friendly measures. For someone to receive the green grants, they need to be participants in protecting the environment, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting Landcare. This list is not exhaustive; there are many other areas where the Australian Government offers grants.