Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie apologizes to customers in addressed letter

Papa John’s is a prominent pizza chain and has been undergoing a lot of changes to fix their image as they hired Steve Ritchie as their new CEO. Steve Ritchie as the new leader penned an apology letter to all customers, which was also posted on the company’s website. He wrote that team members of the company are valuable members of society who are a part of the community and that not one individual makes Papa John’s, but all employees and managers. He outlined changes in the letter that they are going to make to get back on track which includes: the hiring of experts to oversee the company, getting feedback from other team members across many different franchises, and holding themselves accountable for whatever happens as a company. Steve Ritchie personally stated that he will be overseeing the whole process and getting the pizza chain back on track. He also thanked all customers in the letter for their support and business over the many years the pizza chain has been around for. The article by explains why this was a great decision for the brand going forward as they also posted the apology letter on their website. Steve Ritchie was cleverly able to address customers and franchises all around the country to apologize and list the changes that they were going to make and that they should be held accountable for their actions. Steve Ritchie offered an apology and listed changes that would be made for the better of the pizza chain and that they would be different from before. The best point that the INC article thinks that the CEO made was that not just one person is responsible for the success of the brand, but everyone and that every single one of them is of value to the community and Papa John’s.

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