Richard Liu – A True Self-Made Man

Richard Liu is the founder and CEO of, China’s largest online direct sales company. He started his first business in 1998, selling magneto-optical products out of his apartment in Beijing. In just a few years, he built it into a multi-million-dollar business with over 30 employees and nine warehouses.

However, the SARS outbreak in 2003 forced Liu Qiangdong to suspend operations and rethink his business model. He decided to move his business online, and was born. is a leading player in China’s booming e-commerce market, with over 80,000 employees and 300 million active users. The company went public on the Nasdaq in 2014 and is now worth over $50 billion. For him is about continuing to work hard and expanding’s reach so that it can bring even more people the joy of shopping online.

Despite his massive success, Qiangdong remains humble and down-to-earth. In a recent interview, he credited’s success to hard work and good luck, saying that many people have worked harder than him but haven’t been as lucky. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to focus on their dreams and never give up.

Richard Liu is a true self-made man and an inspiration to entrepreneurs worldwide, but his story is just beginning. With’s continued success, there’s no telling how far he will go. He says he plans to continue expanding and making it even easier for people to shop online. His team is also working on new initiatives, such as drone delivery and artificial intelligence, that will shape the future of e-commerce.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Liu and, but one thing is sure: they are changing the way China shops, which is likely to impact the global retail landscape for years to come significantly. Refer to this page, to learn more.


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