Ryan Bishti is a Canadian-Born Writer and Journalist Based in New York City

Ryan Bishti is a Canadian-born writer and journalist based in New York City. His work has appeared in VICE, The Village Voice, Salon, Jacobin, etc. He currently writes about politics and culture at The Ringer, covering the internet and everything digital. He’s also a staff writer at The Best of Boston Magazine. Born in Toronto, raised in Montreal, and educated at McGill University in Montreal, Ryan Bishti lives in New York City. In the past, he worked for various online publications, including The Globe and Mail, the National Post, and BuzzFeed; as a freelancer for publications including The Guardian and Jacobin; as an editor at Harper’s magazine; as a political speechwriter for Justin Trudeau; as a professional writer; and part-time at various bars. When he’s not writing or drinking excessively, you can usually find him watching basketball or playing board games with his dog.

Ryan Bishti attended McGill University there, where he studied political science. He then worked as an editor at the Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper. Then he moved on to BuzzFeed Canada, where he covered politics and culture until 2017 when he began working for The Ringer as their politics writer, covering the internet and everything digital. He also writes about politics at The Best of Boston Magazine, a magazine out of Boston that encompasses all things New England, including politics and culture. Ryan Bishti has written for various publications such as Jacobin Magazine, an online magazine dedicated to exposing injustice worldwide; Salon Magazine, a website dedicated to writing about social justice; The Village Voice; Vice Magazine; The Best of Boston Magazine; The Ringer; etc.

In addition to working as a writer, Ryan also works part-time as a bartender at several bars in Manhattan, including one called “The Eddy,” which is located on West 4th Street just north of Times Square.

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