Shelton Haynes Diversifies Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation’s Workforce

Incorporating diversity, inclusivity, and equity into RIOC has been a priority for Shelton Haynes. As the CEO of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, Shelton Haynes has been committed to transforming the organization’s workforce.

Creating an inclusive work culture

Shelton believes that creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is the key to exchanging useful ideas that can help the company achieve its goals. After he became the president of RIOC, Shelton Haynes appointed assistant vice presidents for different administrative functions to strengthen the team.

Building strong leadership

Haynes is committed to building a team that focuses on driving results. The organization’s executive team comprises women, with a larger portion representing minority groups.

Shelton believes in allowing individuals to define their futures and write their stories. He says there are endless opportunities that people can use to improve their lives.

Expanding the team

Haynes appoints talented individuals with expertise that aligns with the organization’s goals. He appointed Bryant as the new director of Communications and Community Affairs. This individual brings passion and skills to RIOC.

Shelton believes bringing an individual who prioritizes the community’s needs on board can help the organization achieve its goals. The Communications and Community Affairs Director will help the team restructure strategies and help transform Roosevelt Island.

Representing minority groups

As a member of a minority group himself, Shelton is committed to creating a diverse workforce that represents minority groups. Haynes is RIOC’s second Black president. As a representative of the colored community, Shelton works towards building a better future for the community at Roosevelt Island.

Shelton and his team have implemented changes that benefit Roosevelt Island’s residents and tourists. Haynes revamped RIOC’s structure to streamline operations, increase productivity, and strengthen the team. RIOC’s diverse workforce has led to success and several outstanding achievements.