Shervin Pishevar Tweets Concerns About Big Tech

“Big tech” represents an industry where people dream big. Shervin Pishevar knows the success potential possible in the tech world. As an early investor in Uber, Shervin Pishevar doesn’t discount the growing demand for advanced technology in the market. Pishevar also realizes that the five top technology corporations seem to be amassing too much power. In an early 2018 tweet storm, Pishevar warned about the concentration of power in so few companies.

Not every company grows at the same level. Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook stand tall because they achieved incredible amounts of success. The valuation of these companies is in the hundreds of billions. Apple, for a short time, was worth $1 trillion. Shervin Pishevar realizes such massive success leads to greater control and influence in the industry. He does worry that the top five companies may gain too much power. Shervin Pishevar feels the government should consider employing antitrust laws to address the situation.

The notion of antitrust suits against the big technology companies gained momentum in some circles. While many do hold these companies in high regard, a growing segment of the population appears concerned about their industry stranglehold. Shervin Pishevar may possess a powerful understanding of drifting public sentiment.

Has the public turned on the big tech companies? No, it doesn’t seem as if widespread anger exists. The public maintains some discontent about some tech industry scandals. Facebook’s infamous data collection scandal didn’t help the company’s image at all. Google’s appearances in front of Congress raises suspicions with a segment of the populace.

The air of pure wonder associated with the technology industry might be gone forever. As the public continues to examine the industry’s business practices, sentiment may shift in favor of antitrust actions. Pishevar points out the telecommunications industry underwent an antitrust breakup many years ago. Could the same be soon in store for the tech world?