Sports Illustrated CEO Levinsohn Makes a Bold Leap with a New Monetization Strategy

Ross Levinsohn Sports Illustrated’s monetization strategy was largely centered around its print publication throughout most of its 70-year history. However, it was clear that its core strategy needed to be overhauled as the internet’s popularity increasingly grew. Initially, Sports Illustrated debuted a website that had been monetized intelligently. As Sports Illustrated’s print readership continued to decline, however, the website’s income was not sufficient to keep pace. The Sports Illustrated CEO, Ross Levinsohn, was quick to jump into action after he took on this role in 2016.

Levinsohn’s celebrated career in the media world has covered four decades, and it has included time working on monetization services at Maven Media. This premier digital services provider engages its hundreds of clients routinely through the delivery of its services. One of the numerous examples of its monetization efforts in action was with The Street with Jim Cramer. While serving this brand, Levinsohn identified a great opportunity to adjust its paywall structure to better serve customers and meet their changing needs. The audience had a growing interest in cryptocurrencies, so Ross Levinsohn introduced a paywall that was specifically dedicated to this important topic.

When Levinsohn slid into the position of Sports Illustrated CEO, he was able to apply the same principle to his new brand’s monetization strategy. However, rather than creating even more content for Sports Illustrated, Levinsohn saw the opportunity to elevate income from the existing lines of content. He accomplished this through the construction of a premium paywall that is now exclusively dedicated to early release stories.

Prior to his time working at Maven Media and as the Sports Illustrated CEO, Ross Levinsohn stood tall as an executive for a diverse range of other media companies. In fact, his ingenuity and skills have served such companies as Whisper Advisors, Yahoo!, Guggenheim Digital Media, CBS Sportsline and numerous others.