Edwin Miranda Brings Quality to Cytovance Biologics

In order to be able to oversee all of the quality aspects of a biopharmaceutical company one must possess years of experience, years in leadership, and a keen sense of inspecting. Edwin Miranda proved to be that guy for the Cytovance company. In fact, Edwin Miranda has officially been coined as Vice President of Quality with Cytovance Biologics, Inc. The biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing company is responsible for making therapeutic proteins and antibodies from mammalian cell culture as well as microbial fermentation. Edwin Miranda’s title means that he soley takes complete control of the Cytovance quality department. He has worked very hard to put in just over 33 years of experience in the field of biopharmaceuticals.

Edwin Miranda is the obvious strong quality assurance asset that Cytovance needs given his impressive background. Cytovance believes that Edwin Miranda is the perfect well-seasoned and knowledgeable man for the job due to his past work overseeing quality assurance in a successful FDA approval of the NDA or New Drug Application for Keppra. Additionally, he used to be the director of Quality Assurance URL Mutual Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging, and Piramal Critical Care, Inc.

Here, he was able to oversee all of the regulatory functions to make sure that each and every thing was deemed to be compliant according to specific standards. He also spent his time developing a game changing remediation plan. The plan was able to successfully correct 483 observations. This meant that things would end up being in good standings with an EIR or Establishment Inspection Report. In Edwin’s earlier years, his lifestyle consisted of his bravery and participation in the Army. Mr. Miranda also earned his Bachelor of Science degree in both Biology and Chemistry from the prestigious Angelo State University which is located in San Angelo, Texas.

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