JD.com Partners with Hasbro and Paramount Pictures to Celebrate BUMBLEBEE

JD.com, one of the largest Chinese e-commerce platforms, joins hands with Paramount Pictures as well as Hasbro to celebrate the release of BUMBLEBEE, a new Transformers movie. Hasbro is a global play as well as entertainment company.

BUBLEBEE was on the run in 1987 when it found refuge in a small beach town in California. Charlie discovered BUMBLEBEE when she was turning 18 and still, struggling to find place in the world. When BUMBLEBEE was discovered by Charlie at a time when he was broken and battle-scarred. Charlie revived him and realized he was not the ordinary yellow VW bug.

Previously, JD.com had partnered with Hasbro as well as the TRANSFORMERS franchise back in 2017, releasing a MISSSION RED mini short which showed Optimus Prime as well as Red Knight fighting to safeguard he energon fuel source. The celebrations this year will be accompanied by a three consecutive mini shorts which will feature Panasonic as well as HLA, a Chinese menswear brand, in which Red Knight looks to protect energon.

JD.com is grown to be China’s largest online retailer as well as China’s biggest overall retailer. The company is committed to authenticity, quality as well as extensive product offering setting online shopping standard in the country. It has extensive infrastructural network it has built over the years and as a result, customers are getting their products delivered in between 3 to 6 hours only depending on their location.

Hasbro and JD.com will breathe life into Red Knight through creating an action figure of this TRANSFORMERS bot. The exclusive action figure which is only available on JD was released last year December 29th. Jingdong has continued to scale new heights of success through expansion endeavors and partnerships. It recently launched a logistic network in China. It has expanded into Southern Asia and it looks to expand into the Middle East.

Jingdong also unveiled a “Super BUMBLEBEE Day” sales promotion at Jan 4 premiere of the film in China. JD.com’s customers were able to buy merchandise themed by the movie from Panasonic, Hasbro, HLA, and more during the promotion. Jingdong has themed several delivery boxes as well as delivery vans all-over China with BUMBLEBEE designs.

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