Gareth Henry Offers Scholarly Aide to Heriot-Watt University’s Students

Gareth Henry is successful or better still has his life packed together, how so, he has not forgotten all who took part in making him who he is today. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investing. He recently made public that he has decided to offer aid through a scholarship program at Heriot-Watt University his alma mater. He will support a selected number of undergraduate students at the institution. Wholesomely, he will also take part in mentorship and coaching movements.

This Actuary, Gareth Henry has decided to offer pro bono career advice and motivation to the student once every semester, which means, he will be calling at the institution three times a year. In paraphrasing, he said that he would offer a bit of financial help and career advice to see Heriot-Watt graduate more in Actuarial Sciences. He graduated with honor in 2001 and proceeded to build an excellent career that many would desire to have. This philanthropic move will be dispensed through Gareth Henry Access Bursary which provided educational opportunities to students who ordinarily face many financial challenges concerning funding their education.

About Gareth Henry

Henry is one of the established investment relations officer based in New York City. He has an admirable academic achievement, having graduated with first class honor in Actuarial Sciences – Mathematics from Heriot-Watt. This has propelled him to the heights he is at presently. He grasped a better understanding of the world and economy which is a standard that he uses to offer his insight on investment.

He gives credit to his alma mater that cautioned him on careers choices and helped him discover what he is good. With self-realization, Gareth know crystal clear, investment advisory is something he desired to do professionally. He zealously wanted not to offer advise as seamlessly as it appears but to back that with evidence, facts, and knowhow. Today, he has accomplished that and far much more.

Gareth Henry is the Angelo, Gordon & Co.’s Head of Investor Relations. Previously, he has worked with Fortress Investment Group dealing with their clients’ services from the sales and marketing department. He has also worked at SEI Investments Co., Schroder Investment Management Limited and Watson Wyatt LLP.

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