The Contribution of Edwin Miranda in Quality Assurance

Edwin Miranda is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Cytovance Biopharmaceuticals. He will be taking the position of the vice president of quality Cytovance Biopharmaceuticals. He studied at Angelo University in San Angelo and graduated with a B.S in Biology and Chemistry. He was also serving his country in the Army before he retired.

Edwin Miranda had a successful career where he worked with several firms before joining Cytovance Pharmaceuticals. Some of the firms he served include Keppra where he supervised the quality assurance team and successfully managed get an FDA approval. Edwin Miranda also initiated the starting of the New Drug Application for Keppra. He also served as the vice president of quality assurance at URL mutual pharmaceuticals where he was in charge of the quality systems and oversaw regulatory compliance functions. He is also credited with coming up with a successful remediation plan.

Edwin Miranda has more than three decades of vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, his presence at Cytovance Pharmaceuticals will be a valuable asset to the entire organization. Consequently, he will bring vast experience in maintaining strict adherence to the set quality standards.

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