The president of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is well known for sustaining his company during the oil recession in the united states of America. He is the president of Gulf Coast Western company. Today, he is an influential persona in the oil industries.

 About Matthew Fleeger

He is considered as one among the few role players in the oil boom in the states. He is also an exceptional leader as the president and former CEO of the Gulf Coast Western oil company. This company under his leadership has come up with the best drilling technologies plus partnerships that have raised the company’s stature higher. Today, Matthew Fleeger is a very influential persona in the international oil industry.

The oil recession

In an interview, Matthew Fleeger he explains the secrets that made his company, Gulf Coast Western survive the oil recession in the region. He said that the entrepreneurs should maintain a positive perspective in their ventures or else they would not succeed. It was through positive thinking that he managed to lead the company through such conditions.

He emphasized on teamwork and open-mindedness is a factor to put in place to achieve success. He said that when the recession set in, he was able to evaluate the and reduced the cost of production without cutting on the clients.

Another secret is a good relationship with employees. The company succeeded because of the friendly environment he created in the company. He talked to his employees regularly building their trust in him.

How Matthew Fleeger became the company’s president

Initially, Matthew Fleeger was made the CEO of the company that was begun by his father in 1970. This was after he showed great potential in leadership. He had worked for other companies, and all his efforts proved successful. He, therefore, was the right candidate for the position of the CEO. He was aggressive, and he, therefore, established his company. He later sold the company at a significant profit and came back to Gulf Coast where he was made the president.