The Story Of The Citizen App

Security has become an area of concern for many individuals. With developers working round the clock to develop applications that will offer security features to different users. One such application that has dominated overtime is the Citizen App.

It has continued to modify and have additional features to continue meeting the increasing consumer demands of the different users. The Citizen app is accessible to various mobile users, catering to all users. The application is accessible across the various 22 states. The application is set up to allow the different users to turn on the notification and send real-time alerts to the other users concerning the multiple signals and features of the different users.

The application allows the different users to share the news with the other users using the various features installed in the application. The application held a different name before rebranding into the current that is a popular name among other households.

Citizen App was helpful; during the COVID-19 pandemic by having a feature that included the contract tracing, which is designed to use the blue tooth device. The features are useful in contacting individuals who have contracted the COVID-19. Additionally, it enables the different users to present themselves to the nearest healthcare facilities to ensure they are tested for the COVID-19 Virus.

The constant fine-tuning of the application has led to additional features, and the application has developed a part known as Protect Agent. The particular addition is concerned with monitoring a subscriber’s location. Furthermore, if they feel unsafe, they can connect them to the employees of the application and escalate the issue to security personnel.

The Citizen app has continuously upgraded to become a two-way system. It allows both parties to get alerts and notifications from both parties. The application continues to be ranked highly and has come up with rapid-response security personnel to address the security needs of particular users. Refer to this article for additional information.


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