Yves Mirabaud Takes On Mirabaud’s Revenue Performance Before And After Covid-19

Mirabaud’s aftermath of Covid-19 led to direct savings with limited in-person interactions in areas of travel and entertainment and sponsoring events. Yves Mirabaud states that even though the Mirabaud Bank has been cautious on spending, more staff were enrolled in Paris Zurich for corporate finance, which are supporting mergers and acquisitions and private equity expertise.

Mirabaud’s performance in 2020 was one of the five best in its 200-year history, with a return on equity of 15 percent; nevertheless, there was a fall in revenue mainly attributed to U.S. dollars’ weakness due to Covid-19. Yves Mirabaud applauds the fact that Mirabaud is not too much in the money market; hence, its performance was favorable as its portfolio was not at risk, and the clients were not worried.

As stated by Yves Mirabaud, the firm has local offices in Latin America, Switzerland, Europe, and the Middle East that are almost breaking even. The branches employed 15 to 20 client advisors over the year—the bank plans on extending its services to Brazil and Uruguay. The firm plans to enhance its technology by adopting either Temenos or Avaloq. The process of evaluation is still ongoing.

In relation to climate change, the banking industry is viewed as the problem and solution at the same time. The bank can be used to raise money, enhance its technology and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Mirabaud is registered as a limited company owned and managed by four managing directors. The Company has a share capital and also has Equity Partners who are part of the development of the Company. The Group’s strategy ensures that the client’s assets are safeguarded. See this page for additional information.

Yves Mirabaud graduated with a degree in international relations in Geneva and is highly experienced after working in various institutions in Boston, Geneva, New York and Switzerland. He was the managing partner of Mirabaud from 1996 to 2013. He is currently a senior partner of Mirabaud, a family business.


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