Quattro Development’s Unconventional Collaborative Strategy with Brokers Redefining Real Estate Deals

In the intricate world of commercial real estate development, partnerships between developers and real estate brokers are often the linchpin of success. One company that has mastered this delicate dance is Quattro Development, a small but ambitious firm founded in 2008. Rob Walters and Michael Liyeos, the co-founders, have established a network of expert brokers across the United States, which has been instrumental in their firm’s impressive growth. Quattro Development has positioned itself as a distinctive player in the industry, challenging traditional broker-developer dynamics and blazing a trail toward healthier, more successful commercial real estate transactions.

Quattro Development’s Unique Approach to Broker Relationships

While real estate brokers are the bedrock of many commercial real estate deals, Quattro Development takes an unconventional approach to broker relationships. Rather than solely relying on brokers’ expertise, Quattro Development employs a collaborative technique to source the most suitable sites for its projects.

Rob Walters and Michael Liyeos, the driving forces behind Quattro Development, have a different perspective on the traditional broker-developer relationship. Although they work extensively with a network of brokers, they also possess personal insights into site selection and direction from their corporate clients regarding desirable locations.

Empowering Clients Through Collaboration

Quattro Development’s approach is distinctive in that it fosters a deeper level of collaboration with both brokers and clients. The company often works with the same corporate clients for multiple projects, and this continuity allows clients to play an active role in the site selection process.

Clients frequently express their preferences and desired locations, and together with brokers, they embark on a quest to find the perfect property. Quattro Development’s role extends beyond merely acquiring properties; they build, lease, and manage these properties, solidifying their commitment to a holistic approach that benefits both clients and the communities they serve.

Personal Expertise as a Differentiator

In a market saturated with developers, Quattro Development’s unique selling proposition lies in their co-founders’ hands-on involvement. Rob Walters and Michael Liyeos have traversed the country extensively, gaining firsthand knowledge of various markets. This deep well of experience empowers them to engage intelligently with clients and offer valuable insights that transcend the data available to most developers.

Real estate is inherently local, and every market has its own idiosyncrasies. Quattro Development acknowledges the importance of these nuances and relies on its network of real estate brokers to navigate them successfully. While Walters and Liyeos can’t physically be present in every location, their strong relationships with brokers enable them to expand their clients’ footprints across the United States while respecting local differences.

Quattro Development’s unconventional approach to broker relationships has propelled its growth, with 150 completed projects spanning 31 states. As the company continues to evolve, its unique collaborative strategy promises to redefine the dynamics of real estate deals and inspire a new era of success in the industry.