A Look into the Real Estate Resources Property Industry Eye and Greycoat

Greycoat specialists share information concerning the UK´s current housing trends. It is very important to stay informed when it comes to real estate. Now through growth and innovation, we are better able to stay connected with changes through internet platforms.

Two great examples of these platforms are Property Industry Eye and Greycoat; these two resources are crucial in the real estate industry and we will take a look at them both below. First up will be Property Industry Eye(PIE) which provides plenty of insight into the industry. The website itself is put together in more of a traditional blog format.

This, in which it has posts chronologically put together right on the front page for the visitor to dive into. The subject spans across the board including timely news, analytics, and market trends just to name a few. With all of the information and tools provided, there is everything needed to succeed in the real estate industry.

Next up is Greycoat which has more of a website feel with the banner across the top, links to different pages, and the information below the fold. Their approach to real estate is focused more on buyers and sellers. This is noted by the property listings and management tools that they offer on the website. The search function provided makes looking for real estate to invest into much easier to find.

Their portfolio is very impressive and Greycoat is a great resource for industry insight. Although both Property Industry Eye and Greycoat have different aims in which they help the consumer, they combine to form the perfect guide for anyone who is in the real estate industry. Covering every aspect a person could think of including but not limited to asset management, growth, news, listings, analytics, industry write-ups and so much more. Using both platforms will definitely set any individual, or business, up for success.