Nick Millican Offers Tips to Keep Your Home WarmFor Less

 Many people resist the urge to turn up the thermostat in their home no matter how cold it gets outside. The rising costs of heating a home is enough to make anyone second-guess the decision. Fortunately, Nick Millican is here to save the day, offering a few tips on keeping your house warm without turning up the thermostat -and for as little as £5 per month.


Invest in a Space Heater


If you do not own a space heater, find a low-cost appliance right away. Adding a space heater to your home allows you to turn down the thermostat, reducing heating costs. According to Nick Millican, space heaters warm up the home for less. It works well in the bathroom or bedroom and helps you save substantial money every month.


Insulate Your Home or Update Insulation


If your home currently lacks insulation, call professionals out to install it in your attic or basement. Insulated homes lock in heat and allow you to turn down the thermostat so you save money on heating costs every month. If your home is insulated, Nick Millican advises updating it every few years for maximum durability.


Seal Stops and Stop Cold Air

Drafts from window and door sills can cause the furnace to work overtime -and increase your energy costs. Seal drafts with a simple caulk to stop this problem. Keep your home warm this winter without turning up your thermostat using these tips from Nick Millican.