Robert Kraft: An American-Made Business Magnate Who Refuses To Give Up

Robert Kraft is a man who holds many titles: father, entrepreneur, investor, CEO and friend. However, the public eye holds him in high regard as the man who owns, runs and leads the New England Patriots football team.

However, there’s more than meets the eye with Kraft; his early upbringing and perseverance created the man we know and admire today, and his focus on the future earned him a fortune that surpasses the billion-dollar mark. For the outsiders peering their eyes inward to gain knowledge of his success, here’s what they need to know about Robert Kraft.

About Robert Kraft

Before entering the public limelight, Robert grew up in a Jewish family who took their faith seriously. Although Kraft shared these religious connotations, his path through life took a peculiar turn when he attended Harvard Business School. After attaining an MBA, Kraft focused on the business world and purchased many athletic teams, such as the Boston Lobsters and the New England Revolution. After his purchase of the Patriots in 1994, people looked at Kraft like he was missing the mark. But little did they know, Kraft saw a diamond in the rough.

With years gone by, we’ve seen the development of Kraft’s primary business venture, The Kraft Group. Although their dealings are primarily in the world of athletics, The Kraft Group deals with real estate investments, entertainment, manufacturing processes and philanthropic endeavors that aim to push the world in a positive direction.

An outsider looking into Robert’s life may see a man who enjoys luxuries that many can only dream of attaining, but an intelligent examination of Kraft’s daily actions shows the blueprint for a successful life. Rather than allowing the world to shape his point of view, Kraft routinely challenges the status quo and listens to his heart and intuition instead. See this article for additional information


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